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Peter Vardy 5 star review on 27th June 2018
Ryan Jamieson
Peter Vardy 5 star review on 19th April 2018
Jordan Duncan
Peter Vardy 5 star review on 16th April 2018
Jay Campbell
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Peter Maloney
Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
The service I got from the Peter Vardy team was excellent from picking a car to arranging finance to collection was so smooth would definitely recommend especially the salesman called Declan first class service
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 2 years ago
was kept informed at every stage . staff very helpful and polite
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 2 years ago
Ross the sales person was excellent, knowledgeable and VERY professional in the way he dealt with us and is a credit to Peter Vardy.
He also place an after sales call to us to ensure everything was in order and fine with the car we purchased.
We would definitely purchase again purely for the reason in the way Ross dealt with this sale.
Thank you
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 2 years ago
when I picked the car up on 31/08/2018 I noticed I chip on the paint work Philip said take it back wensday and I will fix it . On getting the car home I was looking over the car under neath the wheel arches was full of grass. I told Philip that I was not happy about this I ask him to have the car fully valeted on wensday it is now Friday heard nothing I phoned this morning and the receptionist said sorry I cant understand you and I could not understand her am not very pleased with the lack of communication I am seriously thinking about putting car back
Posted 2 years ago
Hi Neil, I'm sorry to hear of this. Please send us your full details to and the team will pick up on this. Thanks, Team PV
Posted 2 years ago
I’m having a few issues with the car,I called the garage on Monday and was told these issues may not be covered under warranty and I can expect to pay up to £114 per hour for labour to investigate my queries I explained I had only had the car two days and didn’t feel I should have to pay anything but was told if these things aren’t covered under the warranty or the dealerships fault then I would be liable. I spoke to citizens advice yesterday and they advised to call you again which I did yesterday,the lady said she was emailing my concerns to a manager and the sales persons and they would be in touch but I have yet to hear from them.
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 2 years ago
Hi William, I'm sorry to hear of the issues you are having with one of our sites. If you could email your details to and the team will be in touch. Thanks, Team PV
Posted 2 years ago
poor aftersales service
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 2 years ago
I had a video of the car sent to me and based on this I went and viewed the car. I bought the car and the sales person and all other staff I dealt with were very helpful at this point. Upon buying and paying for the car the total opposite has happened. After driving the car home I noticed that the car mats which were in the vehicle were now missing (might seem to be not a big issue but they were a limited edition to match the interior). I contacted the garage and was told they would look into where they were and call me back. When they did eventually call back they explained that the mats were removed by their valeters and thrown out as they were totally unusable (I felt not their decision as they were not even Peter Vardy employees), and in my video of the car the salesperson commented on how good they were and that they matched the interior. After I contacted the salesperson I dealt with, by phone and email, I was assured that they would source another set of mats for me (not original set but a set that would fit). Eventually I felt I was being given the run-around after my emails were not being replied to, I then spoke to the used car sales manager who told me he would sort this issue and order a set of mats, three weeks later and again numerous phone calls to the garage it was obvious again that they were not even ordered. Not giving up and being told that they were on order again and due for delivery in a couple of days, I then contacted the part department myself to again discover they were not on order. The parts advisor then took up the issue with the used car sales manager and his own manager. In the end due to internal politics about ordering the mats, the parts manager took it upon himself to order them. I have now, after nearly 2 months of getting nowhere, have a new set of mats. A big thanks to both the parts advisor and his manager for resolving this issue. On the positive side the car is running fine with no issues.
Posted 2 years ago
Peter Vardy Vauxhall Aberdeen, where do I start? What went right would be easier to answer. The sales process was fine only do the problems occur with the pathetic shambles that is their after sales service. This garage has to be one of the most unorganised cesspits in the world and their staff are not much better either: ignorant, rude and pushy towards customers and treat them with total contempt. We bought an Audi A4, a very nice car. However, the day after we bought it the engine under tray fell off and we were stuck by the side of the A96 for over an hour, until luckily Audi assist fixed it as peter vardy refused fix it and refused to send anyone out to fix it. A week later we noticed paint had begun to peel off the front bumper, it turns out the bumper had been resprayed by someone who clearly has never resprayed a car before, even I could have done a better job! The car was sent back to the garage to be repaired where it turned out the staff had never actually bothered to book the car in and we were left with a courtesy car for two days which is completely unacceptable for a small job and should have been done within a day and no apology which just shows how dreadful the staff are in this place. The only reason I've given it one star is partly because you can't give zero stars and because this garage provides a good service in making you grateful for the likes of Arnold Clark who are so much better than these con artists that work at this toilet of a company.
Posted 2 years ago
I would like to stress my extreme dissatisfaction of the service I have been given by Peter Vardy, Vauxhall Aberdeen.

I collected a brand new mokka x from yourselves on the 13th January 2018 from Gavin Woo. The service I received from Gavin was exceptional however from this there was just issue after issue with your garage!

Firstly, I received an email from Clare Buchan on 18th January 2018 regarding my car stating the incorrect number plate, however I understand accidents happen and she was therefore corrected. After this incident my sister received a letter from the gap insurance company regarding my car, yet another ‘accident’ you may argue. I then had to phone up the gap insurance company and get this rectified, Peter Vardy were also informed and I was advised this would be changed in the system right away. All of the above I can comprehend and understand that these things happen and from what I was told, everything had been corrected, how wrong was this.

I paid for Peter Vardy to install my private number plates and at this point I mentioned that my car seems to steam up all the time for no apparent reason. At this point I was told that the workshop had left residue on the windscreen and this was wiped away, obviously I just believe what I am told cause you don’t expect to be lied to, unfortunately this did not fix the issue.

I then booked my car into the garage as there were several issues (car was pulling to the right when accelerating, the clutch was sticking, and the window continued to steam up)! When I booked my car in the receptionist advised that this was my sisters car, now you can imagine my shock regarding this seeing as though I was just told that this had been rectified. This turned out to be the first of many lies I was told. Finally I managed to get my car booked into the garage, Clare advised that she would get everything sorted personally on 21st February when my car was booked in at 12.30, Clare also said that we would be dealt with straight away. When we arrived at the garage, Clare did not deal with us personally, Clare did not speak to us, we weren’t dealt with straight away, which is understandably in a busy garage however turns out the workshop are on lunch at 12.30 so I’m wondering why I was even booked in to be seen straight away at 12.30?! We were in fact dealt with 50 minutes later than planned. Once the workshop checked my car I was told that that there were no issues, very convenient.

Literally drove 5 minutes away from the garage (in rush hour traffic) and I had to phone Clare and complain about the service, my windscreen was steaming up so bad that I couldn’t even see, and Clare advised to ‘just come back’! That’s easily said than done when we live 50 minutes away from the garage, even more in rush hour traffic and Clare didn’t care enough to deal with us personally earlier so why would she bother now?!

I then returned to the garage on Monday 26th of February as my sister was meant to be collecting a car. I was told ‘just come in whenever and we will deal with you’ yet another false promise from Peter Vardy. No one knew anything about it which to be fair I’m not even shocked about cause the communication within Peter Vardy is absolutely shocking! Anyway, after being told this is a common fault in mokkas I was told to run with my air con on (how about no) and book it into the garage (even more of my time wasted)! After not accepting this, I asked to speak to a manager as I don’t believe that you should be selling cars with common faults. I also phoned a different Vauxhall garage and they advised that this isn’t a common fault - shock horror another blatant lie. So finally, Gavin came out to the car and realised that the workshop once again didn’t wipe all the residue off the window and when the residue heated up it went cloudy which looked like the car was steaming up! finally, the workshop removed the residue off the front window, they did however miss the side windows therefore this will require a further trip into the garage.

With my car I bought vx protect which came with mats. The driver mat can only be described as a death trap as it gets caught in the clutch which is either a very dangerous design fault of a faulty mat, either way this is unacceptable and as I have bought this from yourselves I would like this replaced for one which isn’t going to cause a fatal accident!

I would like to stress that I have no issue with the service I have received from Gavin, my issue is with Peter Vardy, their lack of communication as a group and the blatant lies I have been told, when I walked into the garage they clearly saw a girl that will just accept anything that she is told which isn’t the case

I would like this complaint logged within your IMS system and like to know the corrective action within your workshop to avoid this issue happening again. I would suggest a retrain of staff and maybe advise them not to make things up in future as I am very disappointed to say the least.

When I purchased my car, I should have also received a free holiday stay which isn’t on my paperwork however I noticed that it is in fact on my sisters paperwork, therefore I am just wondering if this is yet another error or if there is just a delay in this coming through however a month and a half is quite a delay.
Posted 3 years ago
Received good service when we had a look at the various vehicles and upon selecting one. But that is where it stopped.
Upon collecting the car the original sales person was on leave and was not mentioned when we arranged to collect the vehicle. Arrangement was for 12:00 on the specific day. When we arrived another sales person had to assist us and was very helpful but when all the paper work was signed etc that is where the problems started.
We had to wait for about 30 mintes due to being told the vehicle had to be topped up with fuel but we could see the vehicle being rushed to be cleaned. Eventually when they finished trying to clean the vehicle the sales person stopped at reception and we had a look over the vehicle. 1st the vehicle had not been fitted with a Tyre repair kit, 2nd the vehicle was not cleaned properly as specified by the original sales person, the specifications was the car would be cleaned and the paint touched up and polished. After the look over we were told to wait again as the fuel was not topped up. We then tried to speak to the dealership manager but was told he was on leave. We then spoke to another sales person and were told that we would need to bring back the vehicle after two weeks so they could clean it as previously specified. I just see this as a inconvenience due to being told the vehicle would be ready. The list goes on.
My review is based on the fact do not tell the customer one thing and it does not get done and then you try on the day of collection to sort it. Once the sale is done the after service is not good.
Posted 3 years ago
the new adam I bought has a bad mark on door.nowater in windscreenwash tyers painted I`ve been down to salesman he took it to workshop to sort door it came back worse tried to cover it with paint put wrong couler on it car now is worse off I`ve been back 3 times and still waiting for a satisfaction result
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 3 years ago
purchased two cars on a Friday, deal was only if we picked the cars up the following Monday, one of the cars needed work but was promised it would be ready. Come Monday one car was ready the other was far from ready, no test drive was offered because the car was getting worked on, so when my wife took the car away, the brakes were making a noise the steering was vibrating at 60 mph, the radio/sat nav never had a code, and is still not working and the alloys needed doing, this meant my wife taking time off work to go back to the garage, and will have to do the same again next week to get radio sorted, were i appreciate, you did your best it was not enough, if we were told the car would not be ready by Friday not Monday we would of happily accepted it. We have bought cars from Vardy group many times but this has left a sour note, however i would like to praise the sales man and manager who both bent over backwards to help, but maybe promised to much.
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 3 years ago
Everything, especially Michael Rennie whose attention and customer service was outstanding,
(Jaguar Aberdeen) - Posted 3 years ago
I enjoyed my visit at ur store in motherwell and met emily there who helped me out and to pick something with my budget. great work
Peter Vardy 5 star review on 3rd June 2017
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 3 years ago
Had to report an issue with the cooling fan on the car 3 times before it was finally investigated and resolved. The engine management light came on after only driving the car once and the related issue was apparently resolved but the cooling fan problem was still in existence. The service rep refused to provide paper work detailing what work was done on the car.

I was advised that the fan coming on extra loud was probably related to the coil pack issue which was apparently sorted out. This was not the case as the fan problem was experienced again after only a minute or two of driving and was in existence before the engine management light came on anyway. When I took it back I was advised that the problem may just be due to heavy traffic in the area. I have never heard a car make this noise before and I drive in heavy traffic every day.

Eventually the fault was acknowledged after half a day spent waiting at the branch and parts had to be ordered. We were advised the next day that the car could be booked in 2-3 weeks later for a repair which is ridiculous for a newly purchased car. We had lost confidence in the car and requested that it was collected and repaired. After turning up late to collect the car this was the final straw and we returned it for a refund.

The car also was delivered to us with no boot liner/carpet which was an inconvenience. It also only had one key, which fair enough was on order, but was another inconvenience and goes against the used car promise of Peter Vardy.

The used car promise also advises that there will be no dents or scratches in the body work. We pointed out several before purchasing which all apart from one were fixed. There were still however several marks and scratches on it which we had not noticed so clearly it is up to the customer to call out every single mark on it.

If the mechanical issues had been dealt with more quickly and a better level of service had been received we would probably have kept the car and accepted the other inconveniences but overall the situation was dealt with very poorly.
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 4 years ago
Loved the car, sales staff friendly. Got car home, found a few issues and returned the car they checked it found it had no issue and returned it. Problem still there, garage wasnt interested then found wheel bolts not correctly fitted and one wheel bolt was missing after driving on the motorway at 70mph (i'm registered disabled and i had my step son in the car with me) brakes were grinding and had imbalance in them also, to say i was furious was a major understatement. Contacted the garage who told me to bring it back in. I refused on safety grounds and took it to ford, who advised the rear brakes were dangerous (only 10days after owning it i might add) the heatshield was not correctly fitted after service causing the engine rattle i reported, the tyres were below 3mm and had to be replaced, and the front brakes were only working at 60% efficiency, car had broken front coil spring ( bear in mind peter vardy serviced, did a full inspection and mot'd the car before i bought it apparently). Front brakes soon to be replaced almost 800 pound already spent but brakes will add best part of 200 to the total. Car is now 6 months since purchase and head office refer me to the dealer manager who has been off sick or on holiday for the last 6months and still hasnt called me either to apologise or to arrange the refund of the repairs. Am so disgusted to have been treated this way. If i didnt love the car so much would be asking for a full refund and not just the costs of repair. Service team are either dangerously understaffed or dangerously ignorant of human emotion. Have not shouted or been abusive to any of the staff (even tho they could have killed me or my stepson) bunch of criminals!!!!!!
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 4 years ago
Hi Mr Howie, I believe our Service Manager Brian is dealing with your issues.He is awaiting an email from yourself with further information to allow us to proceed with dealing with your complaint. Thank you for your review.
Posted 4 years ago
5 star rating is purely for Ross Couttie (Sales) and Katie Johnstone (Handover). I cannot fault their commitment and dedication. The Sales Manager (Scott, if I recall) was too pushy, becoming on the verge of annoying. Some customers may like that approach, I don't. I was happy to deal with Ross only.

Now, if you had asked me to rate the interior/exterior of the car on collection, this would be a rating of 2, verging on a 1.

This car was meant to have been given a full valet, however, the inside was in the same state it was in on test driving as the crumbs and stained seat (assured this would be gone!) were all still visible. The dials were splattered in what looked like spray polish and possibly had been forgotten to rub in. The inside of the windscreen looked like my 18 month old daughter had attempted to clean it! The outside of the car was worse. Given it is a white car I can appreciate it may be difficult to get every bit of polish off but not half of each door panel! Looking down each side of the car was a disgrace. Also, marks I had pointed out on test drive were still visible which I was assured these would be removed once polished but they weren't! There was also a chip I had pointed out and again assured this would be dealt with. You guessed it, it wasn't! All I can say is thank goodness Katie was there to go over and above her job description and get the chip sorted by her own fair hands, polishing out the marks, and then to top it all off, she even took us to the petrol station to put the £20 worth of fuel we had paid for in the car as this had also not been done prior to us picking up the car! Overall, it took an extra hour to sort this all out, over and above the hour we had done the handover paperwork - hence I've rated the "Handover" section at a 4.

I cannot fault Ross or Katy, they were 1st class. But, whoever was responsible for making sure the fuel was in the car and the valet, then they should have a read over their job description to refresh their memories as to what they are employed to do.

We are currently looking for a second car, which Ross is checking out for us, however, if the experience at the last stage of purchasing my current car is anything to go by then this has put me off slightly taking anything forward.

I look forward to hearing from you.
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 4 years ago
Purchased a Brand New car from Aberdeen, special promotion (Kindle) 11 months later and still waiting for it. Several phone calls to Customer Service, what a waste of time, they fob you off at every turn. Will never buy a car from Peter Vardy again. Still waiting for the Salesman to get back in touch, great Customer Service......NOT. Should be removed from the Vauxhall Partners Scheme. Certainly not worthy of being associated with it......shame on you Peter Vardy.
Posted 4 years ago
Another horrible experience from PV aberdeen vauxhall! Car has just went in for 2nd recall and when i arrived i was told by thw worst parts advisor with a disgusting attitude that there was no booking on the system! I made the booking atleast 3 weeks ago by phone. After she told me they could possibly fit me in i asked what was being replaced in the recall she proceded to tell me and i asked what about the blower motor to which she replied "well if you let me finish what im saying ill tell you". Perhaps a cuppa coffee and a nap will help your customer service for future! This just adds to the list of problems ive had with peter vardy and the lack of communication and poor aftersales service.
Posted 4 years ago
My brother and I both. bought a Landrover discovery landmark. I feel we received a good service and a good deal. The car drives beautifully. Very pleased with it so far. Chris Gault
Peter Vardy 5 star review on 13th May 2016 Peter Vardy 5 star review on 13th May 2016
(Landrover Aberdeen) - Posted 4 years ago
Peter Vardy is rated 4.58 based on 7,471 reviews