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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Huge delays in receiving car. Very little communication from dealership. Given wrong information at various times throughout. Car arrived covered in grease, had to be taken to get washed at my expense.
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 2 years ago
I was told by the salesman that my warranty covered tyres. Which it didn't. I have had trouble starting my car. I was told it would be over £100 to get a diagnostic check. It turned out there was an issue with the coding in my key. I was told it was not covered by warranty. I was told I would be charged for both diagnostic check and labour. I feel the issue is not my fault and, considering I have not long bought the car I feel this should have been rectified for myself. The spare key I was given with the car is faulty. I have spent around £17,000 on cars from Peter Vardy and feel very disappointed that they would not fix my key. Also, I was told several times that someone would get back to me from the garage when my car was in getting checked and I never heard at all. I was left without my car until the next again morning. I was promised someone would call me back. I feel very disappointed by the service.
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 2 years ago
Went to pick car up on a Wednesday after deposit was paid on Monday with the understanding the leak in the boot and the scratches on roof and doors to be taken off by Wednesday to which no work was done or attempted and was told car be ready by 3pm to which it was not so had to wait 1h I was at the showroom for 2:45pm I got home at 6:30pm. Had to go back week later to get the car fixed correctly , I live in Forfar and this was in Perth and car would be in all day to be asked do you really need a courtesy car then to be given one with hardly any fuel to get me home and back to Perth yet document stated half a tank it should have ,so went back to be told was enough fuel in it which I knew there was not so left ,was heading back to Perth got to Cuper Angus when it ran out of fuel so phoned up to be told it was my fault yet asked for fuel to be put in and never got ,then to be told I would have been refunded for fuel so what was the difference in your staff putting fuel in when I asked to me putting it in. Took them 2 hours to get fuel to me on the roadside of a busy road . Get car back for under 24h and scratches returned and water in the boot. Had to be re booked back in yet again you had it 4 days yet work only done on it for 3 days as rikki said Tuesday to bring it in yet on his day off so other staff had not a clue what was going on . Get car back eventually and with a log book . Just got MOT certificate last week 11/06/18 I bought the car in April . Just got told lies apon lies and pathetic excuses all through this stressful experience to the point was about to had car keys back and go someplace else.
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 2 years ago
In the initial stages the service was excellent, upon buying and paying for the vehicle in cash, the total opposite. I have repeatedly contacted the Peter Vardy garage at Edinburgh, spoke eventually with the manager Billy after the other salesman ignored my texts and calls. Reported that still have not received the mot certificate for the vehicle and requires some attention under the warranty as there is now mechanical faults, promised a return call, still waiting, simply not good enough and driving in a defective vehicle with any mot? I wish to make this a formal complaint and intend taking the matter further.
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 2 years ago
Wasn't the best experience of buying a car from star to finish,made an enquiry on 27th of may got my car on the 29th of June so many things went wrong to mention,first time we went for a test drive the car was a disgrace dog hair over the back seats the seats were really dirty so about a week later asking how I got on told the sales man what happened said he would get cleaned made a appointment for the next again week only to get there and the car wasn't there so the sales man brought the car out to me on the Tuesday had my test drive loved the car went to get the car on the Saturday only to find that one of the sills was broken they said they would order a new one it took a week and half got the car eventually only to find they had repaired it not replace it totally unacceptable service light was on said it would be done but no stamp on the service book every time I phoned the sales man he never got back to me.
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 2 years ago
Picked up car at Perth on the 18/5/2018 registration MT12 FQJ (Vauxhall insignia) drove back to Edinburgh got an Code 3 (engine coolant level low) bought coolant and had to top up now getting Code 82 (change engine oil soon) every time I start the car and have had another Code 3 which I again topped up, when I enquired regarding this car was told it had a full service history which I have not received and don't even have the service book - was also told I would get 3 months warranty with the car and I have had not had any information regarding this. If car was serviced before I got it how is it getting the 2 error codes ? and how am I meant to know what was completed at the service without being given any information.
Emailed your head office and no one has got back to me since Friday regarding this.
Keith Reilly
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 2 years ago
Everything from the moment I paid my deposit my handover was done in 5 minutes never showed how anything in the car worked had to link my phone up myself and read the manual to find out how anything worked have always went to Arnold Clark certainly won’t come back or recommend anybody
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 2 years ago
I was a returning customer to Peter Vardy VauxhallI, Seafield.I had already purchased 2 vehicles over the last 5 year’s.From the initial visit to enquire about a vehicle,I experienced very poor standards from staff.I did eventually purchase a new vehicle,and again found very poor standards of service.Purchasing a new vehicle should be an exciting time,this was taken away due to the service from primarily the salesman that was dealing with my sale.But I have found Peter Vardy as a company to be far below the level expected,from a supposedly blue chip company.
The online finance illustration,for the particular vehicle that I was interested in,lacked the proper information & was misleading.Making a vehicle sound cheaper than it actually was purely to attract customer’s, is not what I would expect from any company.This has now been addressed,after I made them aware of it.It would have been nice to have been told that my concern’s were justified.
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 2 years ago
On the 9th March we waited in all afternoon for a test drive which did not happen, all sales staff were too busy, we were told every half an hour he would not be long.
The salesman refused to believe that the vehicle was now reduced by £200 online and claimed this related to another vehicle even although there was not another of the same vehicle for sale.
The vehicle was in our possession when we realised that we did not have a parcel shelf nor a boot floor mat. The salesman told us the car did not come with a parcel shelf.
Can you tell us how this could happen after your well publicised 114 Peter Vardy point inspection.
We were also misled when we were told these items were ordered when they clearly were not.
A week later we received the parcel shelf but no boot floor mat.
2 weeks later the salesman delivered a mat to our house which was not the right one, the mat we need is a foldable one which stays in place when the third row of seats are raised.
Posted 2 years ago
Promised bodywork blemishes would be rectified they weren’t
Only one key
Told mats would be left - they were removed
Since picking up the car it took 4 calls to finally be told the second key is on back order but no timeframe as to when it will be ready
Posted 2 years ago
Went test drove car-everything on car was okay-we paid deposit and confirmed the sale. When collecting car we had to wait 30 minutes for the car and paperwork. Came away from dealership washed the car to find out there was a dent in rear tailgate. Contacted dealership was told that dent master would call to home address to sort dent we then found that there was also paint damage too. Contacted dealership again to tell them about paint problem and dent was discussed that car would be dropped if at dealership. Called number of times to find out if car was ready didn’t manage to speak to anybody then my partner called to be told car was ready. On collecting car dent was removed but paintwork has been touched up with touch up paint and this was clearly a mess/half a job done by garage.. the sales manager and sales assistant agreed that job wasn’t 100% done, therefore car had to be left again at dealership to get fixed.. during the conversation it was insinuated that we had actually created this problem ourselves however my partner had proof that this wasn’t the case.. As a customer you can understand why we aren’t happy with a dealership likes yourselves customer service is massive nowadays and yet I felt like it was a hassle for your dealership to fix this problem.. my car was dropped off to me fixed however this should have been done to the standard in the first place instead of wasting my time and my partners time.. one very unhappy customer and won’t be doing any further business in the future with Peter Vardy..
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 2 years ago
Everything! There were delays and awful communication. Overall a horrible buying experience. It felt like once I had paid my money there was zero customer service.
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 3 years ago
The question should be what went right. New car had a dent in it, aux didn’t work. Seat protect wasn’t done. Charged me for gap insurance when told it was free, then had me sitting in the house waiting for someone to pick up the car to to do above, no show. Finance company thought I had the loan from PV and charged me for that month, when PV hadn’t paid it to me, took 7/8 calls, visits in branch to get amount. The list is endless. They will do anything to get a sale, promise you the world and in actual fact do nothing. Absolute joke of a branch, with a a jester level of customer service and ownership
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 3 years ago
I would like to stress my extreme dissatisfaction of the service I have been given by Peter Vardy, Vauxhall Aberdeen.

I collected a brand new mokka x from yourselves on the 13th January 2018 from Gavin Woo. The service I received from Gavin was exceptional however from this there was just issue after issue with your garage!

Firstly, I received an email from Clare Buchan on 18th January 2018 regarding my car stating the incorrect number plate, however I understand accidents happen and she was therefore corrected. After this incident my sister received a letter from the gap insurance company regarding my car, yet another ‘accident’ you may argue. I then had to phone up the gap insurance company and get this rectified, Peter Vardy were also informed and I was advised this would be changed in the system right away. All of the above I can comprehend and understand that these things happen and from what I was told, everything had been corrected, how wrong was this.

I paid for Peter Vardy to install my private number plates and at this point I mentioned that my car seems to steam up all the time for no apparent reason. At this point I was told that the workshop had left residue on the windscreen and this was wiped away, obviously I just believe what I am told cause you don’t expect to be lied to, unfortunately this did not fix the issue.

I then booked my car into the garage as there were several issues (car was pulling to the right when accelerating, the clutch was sticking, and the window continued to steam up)! When I booked my car in the receptionist advised that this was my sisters car, now you can imagine my shock regarding this seeing as though I was just told that this had been rectified. This turned out to be the first of many lies I was told. Finally I managed to get my car booked into the garage, Clare advised that she would get everything sorted personally on 21st February when my car was booked in at 12.30, Clare also said that we would be dealt with straight away. When we arrived at the garage, Clare did not deal with us personally, Clare did not speak to us, we weren’t dealt with straight away, which is understandably in a busy garage however turns out the workshop are on lunch at 12.30 so I’m wondering why I was even booked in to be seen straight away at 12.30?! We were in fact dealt with 50 minutes later than planned. Once the workshop checked my car I was told that that there were no issues, very convenient.

Literally drove 5 minutes away from the garage (in rush hour traffic) and I had to phone Clare and complain about the service, my windscreen was steaming up so bad that I couldn’t even see, and Clare advised to ‘just come back’! That’s easily said than done when we live 50 minutes away from the garage, even more in rush hour traffic and Clare didn’t care enough to deal with us personally earlier so why would she bother now?!

I then returned to the garage on Monday 26th of February as my sister was meant to be collecting a car. I was told ‘just come in whenever and we will deal with you’ yet another false promise from Peter Vardy. No one knew anything about it which to be fair I’m not even shocked about cause the communication within Peter Vardy is absolutely shocking! Anyway, after being told this is a common fault in mokkas I was told to run with my air con on (how about no) and book it into the garage (even more of my time wasted)! After not accepting this, I asked to speak to a manager as I don’t believe that you should be selling cars with common faults. I also phoned a different Vauxhall garage and they advised that this isn’t a common fault - shock horror another blatant lie. So finally, Gavin came out to the car and realised that the workshop once again didn’t wipe all the residue off the window and when the residue heated up it went cloudy which looked like the car was steaming up! finally, the workshop removed the residue off the front window, they did however miss the side windows therefore this will require a further trip into the garage.

With my car I bought vx protect which came with mats. The driver mat can only be described as a death trap as it gets caught in the clutch which is either a very dangerous design fault of a faulty mat, either way this is unacceptable and as I have bought this from yourselves I would like this replaced for one which isn’t going to cause a fatal accident!

I would like to stress that I have no issue with the service I have received from Gavin, my issue is with Peter Vardy, their lack of communication as a group and the blatant lies I have been told, when I walked into the garage they clearly saw a girl that will just accept anything that she is told which isn’t the case

I would like this complaint logged within your IMS system and like to know the corrective action within your workshop to avoid this issue happening again. I would suggest a retrain of staff and maybe advise them not to make things up in future as I am very disappointed to say the least.

When I purchased my car, I should have also received a free holiday stay which isn’t on my paperwork however I noticed that it is in fact on my sisters paperwork, therefore I am just wondering if this is yet another error or if there is just a delay in this coming through however a month and a half is quite a delay.
Posted 3 years ago
Terrible service from start to end
Was sold a car without viewing
Was told car had 54000 mileage
Once i picked it up
It had 58000 mileage??
Was told car was £30 road tax
Then to find out car tax is £115??
Been waiting for paperwork to come since friday 2nd
Its now 6th and still waiting
Been phoning for days now and still waiting on call back?
Poor service during sales and now after sales is poor
Not impressed and would not recommend peter vardy to anyone and will not be buying from you’s again

Posted 3 years ago
There was scratches on my car and a dent that I didn’t notice the day I picked it up till I had drive home as car was wet after numerous calling to the shop to fix it I gave up as was getting told lie after lie
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 3 years ago
I wrote the following to Customer Services on the 21st Feb and have had no reply. I'm pretty disgusted at the lack of customer service I've experienced.


I’d like to inform Peter Vardy of the disappointing and stressful experience I have had buying my used vehicle from Peter Vardy Perth. During the week-long process of viewing and buying the car I have received poor customer service, disappointment and indescribable stress starting from just after viewing the car to picking the car up and not receiving it in the condition that Peter Vardy promise for their used cars.

I will start at the beginning. I went to view the car on Wednesday 14th Feb at 14:00. I had mentioned that I had already got finance for my budget and was happy with this. I arrived at the dealership and was introduced to Gary who was friendly and offered me a Tea or Coffee. We had a quick chat which I again mentioned I had car finance arranged. We then took the car for a test drive which I was very happy with and decided to purchase the car.

There was some damage to 3 of the alloy wheels on the car which I was told would be fixed before collection as they had someone inhouse who fixes wheels. I was happy with this (however when picking the car up a week later. The wheels were not fixed).

Gary then proceeded to go through the quote with me, added extras such as Matts, Gap insurance, VX protect, Fuel, Car Tax, Warranty, One Child, and finally an admin charge. As you can imagine this was considerably more than the asking price of the vehicle (£10500). I managed to get the price down at an almost acceptable level, feeling I had no choice with certain extras which were added on. At this point it appeared that they were trying to get finance for me in house, this I did not expect as I had already mentioned that I had finance in place. At no time was it mentioned a credit check was done on me and I’m still not sure if one was until I check my credit report next month. I was told I would get a phone call that afternoon to arrange everything. I left the dealership somewhat puzzled after shaking hands with Gary and Alan, However happy knowing that I may have bought this car as my own finance had been agreed and was due to pick the car up on Monday 19th as mentioned by Gary during our chat about the car etc.

I waited for the follow up call which was meant to happen on Wednesday afternoon, however this never happened. Gary then phoned me on Thursday 15th at 13:47, almost 24hours after viewing the car (whilst I appreciate people are busy and delays are unavoidable, these should be communicated rather than keeping the customer waiting) to advise that the finance the dealership were trying to sign me up for had been declined which I expected to happen hence arranging my own finance.  Gary then advised me he had already spoken to my finance company and explained that car deal had been communicated to them. I then phoned my finance company to go ahead with the sale. They were not aware of Gary’s call however I told them about the car that I only wanted to purchase the at the price displayed and no extras. The finance company then called the dealership to organise this and again confirmed that no extras were to be added and we were only buying the car.

There was a slight further complication that the finance company needed the car to be priced at £700 more to cover the negative equity on my old car. This seemed to cause a lot of problems and basically started a stressful 3 days trying to get paper work sorted out.

Friday 16th my finance company hadn’t received the paperwork, this was promised to them. I spent some time phoning the dealership to try and chase up the paperwork and was promised it would be with the finance company by close of business that day. Whilst on the phone to Gary at the dealership I took the opportunity to confirm again that the wheels would be refurbished and he told me that the car was actually in the body shop getting the work done on the wheels as we speak. I was happy with this and assumed all was well until later that day my finance company messaged to confirm that they still had not received the paperwork.  I called the dealership at 15:57 to advise that my finance company had not received the paperwork and again was assured It was in hand with the admin team and would be with the finance company by close of business.

Saturday 17th my finance company messaged at 10:40 to advise they had still not received the paperwork from the dealership. I called the dealership and spoke to Gary at 11:00. He advised that the finance company will have the paper work in the next hour.

Monday 19th I got a message from my Finance company at 10:40 saying they were still awaiting on paperwork from the dealership. I called the dealership at 10:45 and was told Gary was unavailable at the moment however he will call me back shortly. I was concerned at this point as I’d taken this off as holiday so I could pick up the car. I waited an hour but didn’t receive a call back so phoned the dealership again at 11:43 and was told Gary was not available, I asked to speak to a manager in that case as time was pressing on and the finance company still had not received the paperwork. I was put on hold and surprisingly Gary answered the call and said there had been some issues on Saturday that needed amending and that the admin department was closed so couldn’t send the paperwork. I questioned why this wasn’t done on Friday and these issues could have been resolved whilst the admin department was open. I was still assured I would be getting the car this day.

Gary called back at 12:46 to query the figures again, I explained them to him again as well as my finance company explaining them. My existing car had the outstanding finance of £2908.92. It had be agreed that my old car had a trade in Value of £1000.00, I would pay £1208.92 and that the new car would be sold at £11200 instead of £10500 thus making up the £700 shortfall. Gary seemed to understand this and said that’s fine and that he’d call me back in 5 minutes. I never received that phone call back. My finance company messaged again at 15:16 to say they still had not received the funds. At this point my frustration was beyond mild and I was extremely annoyed at the situation so far. My partner spoke to Megan at customer service to try and get this resolved once and for all.

A manager called Alan phoned Susie back to try resolve this issue and they went through the figures again. At this point its looks as though the original Salesman was still trying to add extras onto the car, ie gap insurance, matts, fuel extra. Susie explained that there were to be no extras added to the car. Alan understood this, apologised and said he would amend the invoice.

My finance company then messaged back to say they have spoken to the garage again and went through the figures with them again and that no extras were to be added to the car. At this point it appeared that Alan understood the figures and that would amend the system to show this and that the invoice would be sent to the finance company.

Alan advised he would be on Holiday on Tuesday 20th and that a salesman called Paul would be dealing with the invoice and finance company.

Tuesday 20th my finance company messaged at 10.21 to advise that they still had not received the invoice and that they needed it by 11:00 to process the funds the same day. Paul called my partner Susie to advise that the finance company will have the invoice by 11:00. At 11:10 my finance company messaged to advise that they still had not received the invoice and a lady from admin had called and was confused over the paperwork. Once again, my finance company explained the figures.

We heard nothing for several hours until once again my partner Susie stepped in and called Megan at customer services again. This time a gentleman called Eddie Hamilton called her back and ensured her he would get everything sorted. True to his word, at 14:10 my finance company messaged to say that they had got the invoice and will be paying out today! This was welcome news after the several stressful days trying to buy this car.

Eddie Hamilton confirmed to myself and my Partner Susie that the car would be ready to collect that evening as the funds should be cleared by 18:00. We took a drive to the dealership (40miles away) to collect the car and dealt with another gentleman called Alex. We were introduced to Eddie, offered a tea or coffee and then sat down with Alex to go through the paperwork, everything looked in order finally. Eddie made a great offer to us by not taking the standard £99 admin fee and taxed the car for 6months. This was very welcomed pleasant surprise after the experience we had had thus far.

Unfortunately when we were led out to the car the alloys wheels had not been repaired as previously advised they would be. Alex was very apologetic and said that someone would call me back today (Wednesday 21th) to organise getting them repaired. As it was dark when picking the car up I was unable to inspect the paintwork, however now I’ve seen the car in the daylight it has a lot of scratches on it, 1 scratch goes over both the drivers and passenger door. I have phoned the dealership to advise of this and was unable to get in touch with anyone, therefore have left a message.

At the time of writing this email 14:00 on Wednesday 21st Feb I have still not had a callback about organising the refurb of the wheels or to ask for further details of the paintwork scratches issue.

I’m concerned that the car doesn’t meet the “Used car Promise” that Peter Vardy offer. Has the car actually had the 114 point health check, as it appears to have missed the No dents or scratches on the bodywork check, the damage free alloy wheels check?

I wish to keep the car as I am relativity happy with it however I would like the wheels and paintwork fixed as per the Used Car Promise Peter Vardy and confirmation that it has gone through the 114point check. Am I able to take the car to another Peter Vardy dealership to inspect the car and rectify the issues please, Dalgety Bay branch would be preferential?

To say this has been a disappointing and stressful experience is a huge understatement. The enjoyment of owning a “new to me” car has been tarnished with what we have experienced so far. I’d have hoped once I got the car to enjoy it, however as it doesn’t appear to have been prepared in the standard in which Peter Vardy promise I’ve not been able to relax and enjoy it.

With the exception of Megan, Eddie, Alex who I dealt with last night everyone else seems to have fallen short of even basic customer service. I look forward to your reply and hope we can come to a mutually acceptable conclusion and make things right.

Kindest regards
Garrie Day
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 3 years ago
Having picked the car up on Wednesday 31st January lots has gone wrong. I got in the car- no parcel shelf. Turned on the car-no fuel. Drove car home- pulled to left the whole way. Husband drove to work the next morning- loss of power and 2 engine lights came on. Car back in and turns out there is a lot that needs fixed. That was a week ago and still haven’t got it back. So we are paying Insurance and finance on a car we have t and travel for my husband to get work. Not happy.
Posted 3 years ago
Horrendous customer service. Sales assistant conflicting stories about on going issues. Still not happy!!!! Will not use again
Posted 3 years ago
During purchase negotiations on the car it was stated that the car would come with 5 day drive away insurance and would be ready to drive away after it had its MOT. I collected the car filled out the remaining paperwork and drove away thinking I was insured. It turns out that I was not insured, when I contacted the salesman he told me it was up to me to insure the car which I would have done if I knew I wasn't insured, we were never issued with any links by email or verbally or given any document to do this, and we were totally misled by the salesman to thinking we had insurance as we asked him several times about the drive away insurance to be told the car will be ready to drive away after the MOT.
We contacted the branch about the insurance only for the salesman to email a link 3 days after we had received the car, we then phoned the Aberdeen Vauxhaul branch and spoke to Ryan who said there were no managers available and would get one to call me back tonight Monday 15th after 19:00. We are still waiting for the call !!
Your promise it to be sold with 2 keys and we only have 1 so we are still waiting for that as well
There are more issues that I would like to speak to someone in management about as driving with no insurance is a criminal offence and I am not a criminal. Why was the car allowed out of the garage without insurance?
The upshot being my car was hit by a hit and run driver causing considerable damage and I wasn't insured !! Who is going to pay?
A prompt response will be appreciated
Posted 3 years ago
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