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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
After sales are terr Blue we bought a car on a Monday evening, and my Wednesday lunch it was back in the garage one week on Saturday to still there, management are not great to deal with either
Posted 2 years ago
This car was sold with advisories on the mot and a near bald tyre and one odd tyre on the rear of the vehicle. I am not best pleased about this.
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 2 years ago
I just feel with a salesman dealing with the sale of the vehicle and a manager with the credit agreement led to confusion. This led to a PCP agreement which I did not want although we eventually resolved this issue it took a great deal of time and effort on my part.
After a week or so back right brakes seems to be sticking on, had local garage check brakes and freed off. Having only done 250 miles from purchase I was driving on the motorway and started to get shudder on steering again took to local tyre outlet to check balance,wheels or tyres and had balance correctly now seems to be ok.
On arrival at Peter Vardy I was told service was their priority and better than other companies, sadly from my experience on this occasion I don’t think that is the case.
Having financed the car myself by bank transfer I asked on at least 2 occasions for a receipt this has never arrived.
Conclusion is I .would have to give considerable consideration to going back to Peter Vardy in the future
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 2 years ago
From the outset the level of customer service was very poor and totally unprofessional, took 10hrs to send an invoice to finance company, then when it was sent peter vardy put wrong registration date of car. The day i picked up car, there was still paintwork damage on at least 3 areas of car, the seats were still wet, there was a whole area of car that wasn't even washed, never mind polished, there was no petrol in car and we had to go along to petrol station with salesman.
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 2 years ago
The salesman was disgusting and rude
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 2 years ago
Shocking after sales experience.
Car handed over with defects and never returning calls despite continuously leaving messages and requests for a call back. Empty promises.
Posted 3 years ago
I don’t like putting bad comments up in anything as I work in retail but the way my purchase went was a bit of let down .first of all when decided on the car I wanted the salesman was up down checking with his manager and came back gave me a price ,I was happy with that so I agreed I’d pay a deposit and we were getting so much back on our old car and would take rest on your finance but after agreeing to do this the salesman so more people coming in and left us for a we while to deal with them so wasn’t happy with that as we are important at this moment in time as he’s half way through the sale with us and as I said i work in sales and if I had done this to any customer I dealt with my area manager woukdnt have been happy with me .he then did the finance with me and because I didn’t have a license he would have to check with a finance company who would deal with that but then came back to me and said this has all went through no probs but then said I still require a finance company to except me without a licence.anyway two days passed and still didn’t hear anything so on the Thursday he called to say he’s still waiting on an outcome but I was fed up with waiting I decided just to pay the whole lot myself so he said he’d phone me in five minutes.five minutes passed and got a call to say I would have to pay so much which made my car approx a £1000 more so I argued with him and said he had agreed on a price so if I wasn’t getting that price I was gonna cancel anyway he called me and agreed to do this so I agreed to go ahead .i love the car but the extras ie foot mats weren’t in car so wasn’t happy at that .i have dealt with Perth before and was really happy with the service we received that’s why we came back but obviously now a we bit let down with the whole experience
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 3 years ago
First of all the car I was looking at had a coming soon notice on your website so went on to web chat to check when it was available and was told it was already available so made arrangements to view it on the Sunday but when we arrived it soon became clear the car was not available and when it was checked on your system it wasn’t arriving until the next day as trade but all was not lost you did have another one in white but £200 more expensive but liked lt so done the deal with repairs to be done to the front and rear bumpers floor mats to be fitted and a set of number plates and arranged collection the following Saturday but Stuart phoned midweek and offered to deliver the car on the Friday which we agreed to then phoned again on Thursday asking for payment on Thursday as it was a bank holiday that weekend and wanted to make sure the payment went through which I thought was strange as I was transfering cash from one account to another but paid without seeing the car had repairs done or mats in and plates supplied and low and behold the rear bumper not done mats not in or number plates not supplied when I told Stuart the back bumper had not been done he said to take it in the next time I’m in Aberdeen which is hardly ever and he said he would send out the number plates on Monday (which he did not) but I hadn’t noticed the mats were not in until the following day as the car was not insured until Saturday so I called Stuart on the Tuesday morning couldn’t get hold of him so left a message to call me back tried again late afternoon still can’t get hold of him he finally called back on Wednesday afternoon after another message was left and he now needs a copy of the retention certificate for the plates to be made up which didn’t bother him on the Friday when he dropped the car off but said he would get them made up and send them by post along with the mats which still have not arrived. I would also like to point out that there was a plan to buy another new Adam in the household but will not be with your place in Aberdeen.
Posted 3 years ago
Traded car in with a child seat which I was told would be removed and given back.2 weeks later still no child seat.Also told I would be give a full tank of petrol this did not happen.I a also found that I have been charged £16.67 for petrol.I have also been charged £24.99 for carpet mats which I have not received
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 3 years ago
Communication between Peter Vardy and the customer was not at best,being told I would be contacted within 30 minutes then 3hours later and I'm still waiting this happening on numerous occasions.
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 3 years ago
Everything from start to finish, picked a car, agreed a price, signed documents, 4 days before collection get told car does not exist, after a few phone calls picked another car, then I get asked to come in and sign new documents (at least 30 mins travel each way for me) only to find out your sales rep forgot to photo copy my 'cost co' card, I did not need to sign anything. Saturday the day of collecting car, noticed I had 2 missed calls on the Friday (I work shifts 7 am to 7 pm), so I phoned Saturday morning asking to speak to sales rep, he was not available, drove to dealership, meet by sales rep , only to be told paperwork I handed in weeks ago was not valid ( even thou sales rep checked it at the time and said it was ok), so back home again still with no new car, Monday e-mailed sales rep with new documents, collected car Monday evening, the only reason I choose PV was there was a sale on at the time, holiday vouchers included with sale of car, these should have been ready with collection of car, got them 3, nearly 4 weeks later after several phone calls and e-mails. So very disappointed with service!!
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 3 years ago
Sale went fine still waiting a month later for free holiday vouchers and taken a month for car to be registered for vx protection
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 3 years ago
Communication terrible
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 3 years ago
Never had the second key , which means time of work to take my car back to the garage. Got the mileage completely wrong , never paid money into my bank for over a week . Poor to say the least
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 3 years ago
I have chosen poor as I originally did choose 'Acceptable' but the feedback then only asks what made us happy about our experience with Peter Vardy and no room for placing in any negative feedback.

Good Feedback
has been quite a quick and easy process overall. When in with our 2 year old daughter one evening we had a bit of a lengthy wait in the reception area to be seen by our salesman and Gary (who was not our salesman) provided great service by offering tea's and coffee's and grabbed a Fruitshoot for our daughter. He then came back not long after to make sure we were alright and assured us it shouldn't be much longer before we were seen. We both feel Gary has been very welcoming on each of our visits to Peter Vardy.

Negative Feedback
Myself and my partner have both felt that our salesman, Gavin Woo, has provided poor customer service on a couple of occasions throughout our experience. When we were in that evening with our daughter as mentioned above, we were in at the time agreed however we did have a lengthy wait - we understand things come up so this was alright, however when Gavin greeted us he did not take on our daughter who was there. We then went over to his desk to discuss arrangement and again, it was like she wasn't even there as he didn't even say so much as a 'hello' to her which was a bit of a shame really as this is not the service you expect as a parent.

Another example, my partner called the store to speak to Gavin this morning as we have had a payment taken from Audi for our car which we traded in Wednesday last week - we were not expecting this payment to come off and were not really in any situation to have paid that given that we just paid a larger deposit than planned for our new car. Conversation started as follows:

"Hi Gavin, it is Ally"
"How's it going?"

Both felt like this was a very rude way to greet a customer on the phone who has just bought a car from yourselves - Gavin also did not think to ask how we were finding the new car throughout the whole conversation. Again, I'm sure Gavin just had his hands tied with being busy and maybe caught him at a bad time but we would just like to say that we do love the new car and really enjoying the change - just a couple minor problems we have found such as the passenger window does not always go up when you want it to and when trying to change the media from Phone to Radio for example, it has sometimes frozen and locked itself on being connected to the phone. Trying to turn it off doesn't work either as the display stayed frozen. We did not get a chance to speak about this in the phone call unfortunately but we would like if these problems could be looked in to please.

I'd also just like to say, Gavin hasn't been horrible in any way, we just felt his customer service has been pretty average, if not, slightly poor on occasions. We get things are really busy, you have also just held your VIP event and this probably does have an effect on things however it would have just made our experience better overall had the service been consistently good throughout.

More so after reading Peter Vardy's statement "As a company that aims to provide the highest level of service, we are always looking for feedback from our valued guests." We have felt more like just another customer rather than valued guests and the highest level of service has unfortunately, in our opinions, not been delivered on this occasion by our salesman and we thought it was important that we included this in our feedback.
Posted 3 years ago
Kelly Ann was very good and helpfully.
But promised car on a Monday afternoon and eventually got it late Wednesday after me phoning a lot to get answers.
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 3 years ago
Received good service when we had a look at the various vehicles and upon selecting one. But that is where it stopped.
Upon collecting the car the original sales person was on leave and was not mentioned when we arranged to collect the vehicle. Arrangement was for 12:00 on the specific day. When we arrived another sales person had to assist us and was very helpful but when all the paper work was signed etc that is where the problems started.
We had to wait for about 30 mintes due to being told the vehicle had to be topped up with fuel but we could see the vehicle being rushed to be cleaned. Eventually when they finished trying to clean the vehicle the sales person stopped at reception and we had a look over the vehicle. 1st the vehicle had not been fitted with a Tyre repair kit, 2nd the vehicle was not cleaned properly as specified by the original sales person, the specifications was the car would be cleaned and the paint touched up and polished. After the look over we were told to wait again as the fuel was not topped up. We then tried to speak to the dealership manager but was told he was on leave. We then spoke to another sales person and were told that we would need to bring back the vehicle after two weeks so they could clean it as previously specified. I just see this as a inconvenience due to being told the vehicle would be ready. The list goes on.
My review is based on the fact do not tell the customer one thing and it does not get done and then you try on the day of collection to sort it. Once the sale is done the after service is not good.
Posted 3 years ago
After you sign on the dotted line nobody gives a dam.
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 3 years ago
Selling car with problem
Posted 3 years ago
Service was average. Was promised a free iPad at car purchase and now 3 months later and still not arrived. Managers seem to ignore e-mail and texts regarding this item.
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 3 years ago
Hi James, I'm sorry to hear you have not had a response to your enquiry into the free iPad offer. I have passed your details to our Sales Manager and asked him to contact you within 48 hours regarding this. Thanks, Team PV
Posted 3 years ago
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