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Peter Maloney
Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
the new adam I bought has a bad mark on door.nowater in windscreenwash tyers painted I`ve been down to salesman he took it to workshop to sort door it came back worse tried to cover it with paint put wrong couler on it car now is worse off I`ve been back 3 times and still waiting for a satisfaction result
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 3 years ago
the sale of the car went perfect,it was before I bought the car upset me I took my car down for it to get a check as I had a problem with it,i was told to repair it it would cost £2000,then you charged me for the pleasure £108 I honestly thought you would withdraw this on the grounds I bought a car £11700 worth I believe I am a good customer I get my car serviced by your selves mot as well,surely you understand this hope to hear from you regards William cashmore
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 3 years ago
Hi William, Our Sales Manager has tried to contact you regarding this and left voice mails. I will have him call you again to discuss. Thank you for getting in touch. TeamPV
Posted 3 years ago
Had to chase up bank payment. No one from the branch returned my calls. Never received holiday vouchers. Again had to chase up.
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 3 years ago
Being let down more than 6 times. Will never go back to vauxhall peter vardy again.
Posted 3 years ago
I bought a Astra last Thursday drove it home that night fumes inside the vehicle and exhaust was blowing, started to move car and there was anti-freeze fluid leaking all over my driveway. My spare key and my a/c wasn't working. Work got carried out under warranty on the Monday and I was told it would be finished for me by half 4 which was when I finished my work, it wasn't finished until 5 o'clock which I was waiting around for it. When I picked it up they agreed that the exhaust is blowing at the front but won't replace it!!!! This is shocking as I've had the car for only a couple of days. I had a two year old in the vehicle on the Tuesday but had to stop and swap to my fiancé car as there was too much gasses in the car. Service is shocking never had such bad dealings as I'm a technician myself I won't be back and my family will not be purchasing another vehicle at peter vardy this was Kirkcaldy branch.
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 3 years ago
Hi Rory, Our customer service team have received your review and complaint email. We are dealing with your concerns as quickly as possible and our Management team will be in touch within 48 hours. Thanks, Team PV
Posted 3 years ago
You have sent this to the wrong email address. I called your company telling them this is not Robert Maloney’s e mail. Please correct immediately as I shall be making a complaint.
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 3 years ago
Hi Robert, I'm sorry to hear this. We will have remove the email address from all systems as a matter of urgency. I apologise again for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Thanks, Team PV.
Posted 3 years ago
Agreed a deal for a car on Friday 10th November told it would be ready on the Monday or Tuesday at latest no on contacted me so I had to phone on the Tuesday to find out what was happening only then to be told the Work hadn’t been done on car and it would be ready the following Friday or Monday at very latest,Friday comes by once again no communication form garage was told on Saturday I’d get a phone call first thing Monday after there meeting to let me know what was happening. Monday came and guess what,no phone call! I again had to contact the dealer to find out where my car was to be told they didn’t know if it was in Dundee or Glasgow! Eventually it arrived on the Wednesday without the work being done on it so i has to wait another day before collecting. And now 1 week after collecting the car the vechicle sevice warning came on and the car went into limp mode meaning no acceleration or going above 40mph. This is me and my wife’s 6 car from peter vardy in last 5 year and we are sersiously considering never purchasing from you again.
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 3 years ago
I arrived in plenty of time for an arranged 1pm handover and was left waiting for 35 minutes without any communication to what was happening. Then a substitute handover person arrived and basically all he wanted was signatures. The whole handover took 10 minutes and there was little or no information regarding the car itself. I went 200 yards and decided to take the roof off, but it didn't work so I returned the car and had to leave it for the afternoon to be fixed, getting it back at 5.30pm. Unfortunately it was back in the garage on Monday with more faults. Completely spoiled the excitement of getting a new car.
Posted 3 years ago
Customer care is shocking!
Posted 3 years ago
"Sales department were helpful, servicing and repairs however are an absolute joke. They are currently on their 5th attempt to repair my vehicle and i've only had the car 2 months. Actually repair the car before handing it back to me, I bought a full warranty so there should be no problem getting the car fixed, it's honestly the worst service i've ever experienced and i'll be making it known to everyone I know not to go near Peter Vardy. Genuinely awful service."
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 3 years ago
"On buying the car on the Saturday for my son (1st car so super excited) salesman told me the car would be ready on the Wednesday. This was even brought forward a few hours on the Tuesday as didnt want my son driving it home in rush hour. However got a call at 11am saying car wouldn't be ready until following day (not great as had totally rearranged work etc) but he would drop it off to me. To then get another call back to say I would still need to go in to do paperwork (no logic). So decided just to collect the car myself on the Thursday as my son couldnt get away early. Arrived and car totally not repaired or preped and also had to wait on petrol. Following day I drove to Bonnyrigg to get paint work fixed as was so unhappy as wanted car up to scratch asap (Jason took over and was mortified by the service I had received). This not only was a huge disappointment but my son was gutted as this should have been a very exciting occasion for him. Your only saving grace was Jason took over all the problems from the garage and has been fantastic but I can safely say I would never recommend your garage and highly recommend that new staff are trained to a much higher standard as salesman also forgot to mention another \u00a3100 that was payable and was clearly clueless to procedures. Very unhappy customer and if zero was an option I would select."
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 3 years ago
The sale was fine. I then had my car for 3 days and the battery went flat. I was told they could not provide a pick up service for my car. After being hung up on twice I came to the store. I was told they could not get my car. After about half an hour they then decided that 'the terms and conditions' had changed and they could infact pick my car up. My car has been gone for almost a week now and ive phoned every day to be told my car isn't ready even though all it needs is a new battery. I was also phoned a couple days ago and told I had to pay £400 for the new battery - even though my car is under warranty. I was told the woman would speak to the warranty people to see if this was right and she would get back to me, however she never phoned me back to tell me whether or not I had to pay. Total lack of communication here. I phoned again after two days of no contact about my car and was told is it still not ready and I would be phoned when to pick it up. Appalling customer service. Would not buy from here again.
Posted 3 years ago
Salesman just wanted the sale everything was rushed and all information given was not correct, was told that we was getting the new plate and could pick up at midnight at there special event at end of month, then we were getting to pick up the next week so it wasn't a new plate car, then we never actually got it for a further 2 weeks. Finance was not explained properly and my son ended up having to go in and speak to manager, to get all the correct information. Wasn't given the correct reg so could have insurance in place.
Posted 3 years ago
Everything. Rude manager who lied about the availability of another car. Car not ready when promised. Car not serviced or valeted properly. No fuel or screenwash in the car. Aerial and locking nuts for alloys missing. Phonecalls not returned. long waits at showroom before anything got done. Promised cheque for reimbursement of a hire car not received. etc...etc...etc
Posted 3 years ago
Myself and my partner placed order on a vw golf on the Saturday, when we placed £100 deposit on the car, we then returned to the dealership on he Monday to sign paper work for the finance and was told everything was fine and that we would be able to collect the car Wednesday. The following day we were called to say that we had to go over again to sign additional paper work due to having to take out additional finance agreement with another provider due to having negitve equity on our Astra which we purchased from
Peter vardy kirkcaldy on 28th January 2017. And we're giving scrapeage value of £2000 on this sale. We finally got the car on Thursday. But unfortunately we have had to return to the garage as the car has not been Valeted properly and there is paint missing from the bonnet which we did not see at time of collection as it was raining. We are also being charged for a courtesy car even though we are having to return the car to be checked over due to a handbreak issue. Feel this is a disgrace as we have had the car less than 14 days and there is a mechanical issue
(Vauxhall Dalgety Bay) - Posted 3 years ago
Unfortunately right now I am fully regretting ever changing my car with yourselves. It was supposed to be in tomorrow for all faults to be repaired and now the guy dealing with it is on holiday and not a single soul knows anything about it. Utterly disappointed and totally regret given my car to u for the pittance I was given for it and to be given a complete heap of garbage.
(Vauxhall Dalgety Bay) - Posted 3 years ago
I have phoned your service department 4 times re fault on car that i just bought from you waited up to 15 mins for an answer only to be told they cannot put me through as no one is answering their phone not good enough!!!!!
Posted 3 years ago
I went to th VIP event for 'extra deals discounts and offers' as well as a free 'gift' , and picked a car and put a deposit down, Paul Hughes phoned me on the Tuesday night to go in on the Wednesday and sign the documents for the car which I did and was told I could pick the car up at 10am Thursday, I then came home and got a phone call Wednesday dinner time to say I couldn't get the car I picked as this didn't have a V5 - this would take 6 weeks. I got offered a choice of two cars which would be ready to pick up 10am tomorrow so I wasn't missing out , I picked one of the cars because I was told this would be ready quicker than the other, I then couldn't pick it up Thursday either, I was offered a courtesy car and told to pick this up in 30 mins, 30mins later nearly at the garage I got a phone call saying I now couldn't get a courtesy car because I couldn't get insured (license less than 1year) , I then got another phone call an hour later to say I could , I was told my car would be ready Friday morning , I then got a phone call to say it wouldn't be ready till Friday night , I finally picked the car up Friday night after all his bother off a lovely man Colin shepherd which made the experience better as this part of the process was perfect but everything up until this had been a complete mess. I was then offered a service plan for the car which I wont be taking as I would prefer to have no one dealing like this. Being a who wasn't kicking off and shouting, I think this made the staff think this mess was acceptable as I do not see them treating a middle aged angry man this way. Their attitude was simply this is what's happening wither you like it or not and I simply think this is not good enough and I would never use Peter Vardy again and would tell everyone else I know to do the same. All of this could have been stopped if things were just checked before promised to customers time and time again
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 3 years ago
Second time I have bought a car from peter vardy not sure based on this experience I ever would again car has been back in the garage 3 times car was advertised with features car didn't have left garage on day of purchase to get home to find car didn't lock central locking faulty was told to take car back on Monday did so to be told need to order part In then dpf light keeps coming on spoke to manager he apologised for issues said he would send cheque for 150 not seen that yet?took car back on the friday 2nd time in. Week from
Purchase. more diesel usage at my expense for things that should have been checked before leaving garage get lock fixed then dpf won't go of Martin front of house service called me said we will book car and and we will put diesel in it for amount of times you have had to come back pick car up after terra clean drive off to find no diesel another failed promise
Great service not!!!3times back to garage at my expense still cheque that was promised and no diesel contact me please
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 3 years ago
To whom it may concern

After purchasing my car from your Perth store, I am writing to advise how shocked I am with the service received.
I bought my previous car from the same store and received excellent customer care from the salesman -Scott, therefore when I decided to buy a new car, there was no doubt in my mind as to where to go.
The experience started well, I worked with Jay (a recent rookie academy graduate) to gain a deal I was satisfied with.
I arrived (as arranged) on Friday 12/5/17, to be met by Jay saying there was a problem, thus starting a catalogue of issues and the first of six visits to the store within 1.5 weeks! The timeline is as follows -

12/5/17 - arrived to pick up the car...when they had removed the stickers that morning, the lacquer on the bonnet had been damaged. No advance notification received that this had happened. Jay advised that he would organise for this to be re-painted, however the girl who was doing the handover realised that I was unhappy at the situation and arranged for Sean the sales manager to come over. He agreed that picking up a new car should be a positive experience and arranged for me to get a courtesy car until my car was repaired.
Later on that evening, I took my daughter to see the car and we noticed some scratches on the car.

15/5/17 - I phoned the store to advise of the scratches and ask for them to be repaired along with the bonnet. The lady who took my call stated that if there was any issues with this, she would get Jay to call me back.

17/5/15 - received phone message to say my car was ready.

18/5/17 - I phoned the store and arranged to pick up the car on 19/5/17.

19/5/17 - (2nd visit) arrived at the store to pick up my car and noticed the scratches were still there, I asked Jay why they hadn't been fixed as I had received no phone call to say anything to the contrary. He advised that he thought I had phoned about scratches on the courtesy car!! After a further conversation, he went and spoke to Scott (now a sales manager) who agreed to book the car in to be repaired on Tuesday 23/5/17. You can only imagine my disappointment and frustration at having to come back again. Sean assured me that they had fuelled the car as a gesture....there was 3 bars!
On way home, the sun shine through the windscreen and I was horrified that I couldn't see out of it as it looked like the window had been washed on the inside with a dirty rag!! I stopped the car and had a more thorough look round and saw that all the windows were exactly the same, the dash was covered in dust, the gloss on the dash looked like it had been smeared with grease and there were marks on the upholstery! I immediately phoned the store and asked for the sales manager, Sean took up the call. I explained my complaint and disgust at having a 'new' car that looked filthy. I also advised him that there was a socket of sorts rolling about in the passenger door. He admitted that the store had 'dropped the ball' this time and gave me his assurance that the car would be fully valeted when I brought it back in on Tuesday and that he would ensure he checked it personally.

20/5/17 - when out in the car, my 12 year old tried to get out of the passenger door and was unable to. I also noticed a squeaking noise coming from the clutch and my daughter heard a noise from the passenger footwell.
I asked my husband to check the door for child locks...there is none, the door was broken! Again, you can imagine my horror with regards to the SAFETY of not only myself, but my daughter and grandson (also in the car). All sorts of scenarios entered my head as to what might have happened had there been an accident and us not being able to get out!

22/5/17 - I arrived at the store (3rd visit) and spoke with both Scott and Sean and advised that the car was either fixed or I was returning it. I explained the whole thing to Scott and he took the car to the workshop and after some wait, they fixed the door, and he gave me his assurance that they would look at the clutch and other noise when the car was I the next day to get the scratches repaired. I gave him the socket stating that my husband had said it was a locking wheel nut, but not from my car! He also commented on the filthy state of the car and also gave a personal assurance that it would be valeted fully and filled with fuel.

23/5/17 -arrived at store (4th visit) and Scott arranged for me to get a lift to work and agreed that someone would pick me up when I finished. I phoned as my lift had not arrived and spoke with Scott, who arranged for the same person to pick me up.
Arrived at the store (5th visit), to be asked to have a seat, again after waiting for some time, the person who had picked me up, came and said he had my car outside. I went with him and checked that the scratches had been repaired..they were. I asked if they had checked/found anything with the clutch and other noises, to which he said he didn't know and offered to go for a drive with me!! I asked why he couldn't just find out, which he then went and done, telling me that they had greased the parts. I also enquiries as to why the marks in the upholstery were still there, he got in the car, inspected the marks and said they would brush off...did I want it sorted? I said yes so he took the car away again, when he came back, the marks had been removed. I got in he car and pulled away, noticing again, no fuel as promised twice! I got to the road end and as I was looking round the car, noticed there was further muck in the corner of the dash, to which I drove straight back (6th time) and confronted Scott, he came out and looked at the car and took it back round to the workshop and when he brought it back, the dirt had been removed. I challenged Scott wi regards to the fuel and he said 'just come in when you're passing and I'll get someone to do it'. To which I said that I didn't really want to come back a 7th time!!

As you can see, the customer care I have received has been appalling, and the time I have wasted running back and forward/phoning and waiting about in your store, not to mention the SAFETY worry, has made this transaction a very arduous task rather than an enjoyable/exciting experience.

I look forward to hearing back from you with regards to compensation for the inconvenience and poor service I have encountered.
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 3 years ago
Hi Pamela, I'm very sorry to hear of the issues you experienced at our Vauxhall Perth branch. I know the Management team have been in touch now and assured that all issues have been resolved. Should you require any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact us at
Posted 3 years ago
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