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Peter Vardy 5 star review on 27th June 2018
Ryan Jamieson
Peter Vardy 5 star review on 19th April 2018
Jordan Duncan
Peter Vardy 5 star review on 16th April 2018
Jay Campbell
Peter Vardy 5 star review on 16th March 2018
Donna Drylie
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Peter Maloney
Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
Everything from the moment I paid my deposit my handover was done in 5 minutes never showed how anything in the car worked had to link my phone up myself and read the manual to find out how anything worked have always went to Arnold Clark certainly won’t come back or recommend anybody
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 2 years ago
I was a returning customer to Peter Vardy VauxhallI, Seafield.I had already purchased 2 vehicles over the last 5 year’s.From the initial visit to enquire about a vehicle,I experienced very poor standards from staff.I did eventually purchase a new vehicle,and again found very poor standards of service.Purchasing a new vehicle should be an exciting time,this was taken away due to the service from primarily the salesman that was dealing with my sale.But I have found Peter Vardy as a company to be far below the level expected,from a supposedly blue chip company.
The online finance illustration,for the particular vehicle that I was interested in,lacked the proper information & was misleading.Making a vehicle sound cheaper than it actually was purely to attract customer’s, is not what I would expect from any company.This has now been addressed,after I made them aware of it.It would have been nice to have been told that my concern’s were justified.
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 2 years ago
On the 9th March we waited in all afternoon for a test drive which did not happen, all sales staff were too busy, we were told every half an hour he would not be long.
The salesman refused to believe that the vehicle was now reduced by £200 online and claimed this related to another vehicle even although there was not another of the same vehicle for sale.
The vehicle was in our possession when we realised that we did not have a parcel shelf nor a boot floor mat. The salesman told us the car did not come with a parcel shelf.
Can you tell us how this could happen after your well publicised 114 Peter Vardy point inspection.
We were also misled when we were told these items were ordered when they clearly were not.
A week later we received the parcel shelf but no boot floor mat.
2 weeks later the salesman delivered a mat to our house which was not the right one, the mat we need is a foldable one which stays in place when the third row of seats are raised.
Posted 2 years ago
Promised bodywork blemishes would be rectified they weren’t
Only one key
Told mats would be left - they were removed
Since picking up the car it took 4 calls to finally be told the second key is on back order but no timeframe as to when it will be ready
Posted 2 years ago
Went test drove car-everything on car was okay-we paid deposit and confirmed the sale. When collecting car we had to wait 30 minutes for the car and paperwork. Came away from dealership washed the car to find out there was a dent in rear tailgate. Contacted dealership was told that dent master would call to home address to sort dent we then found that there was also paint damage too. Contacted dealership again to tell them about paint problem and dent was discussed that car would be dropped if at dealership. Called number of times to find out if car was ready didn’t manage to speak to anybody then my partner called to be told car was ready. On collecting car dent was removed but paintwork has been touched up with touch up paint and this was clearly a mess/half a job done by garage.. the sales manager and sales assistant agreed that job wasn’t 100% done, therefore car had to be left again at dealership to get fixed.. during the conversation it was insinuated that we had actually created this problem ourselves however my partner had proof that this wasn’t the case.. As a customer you can understand why we aren’t happy with a dealership likes yourselves customer service is massive nowadays and yet I felt like it was a hassle for your dealership to fix this problem.. my car was dropped off to me fixed however this should have been done to the standard in the first place instead of wasting my time and my partners time.. one very unhappy customer and won’t be doing any further business in the future with Peter Vardy..
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 2 years ago
The question should be what went right. New car had a dent in it, aux didn’t work. Seat protect wasn’t done. Charged me for gap insurance when told it was free, then had me sitting in the house waiting for someone to pick up the car to to do above, no show. Finance company thought I had the loan from PV and charged me for that month, when PV hadn’t paid it to me, took 7/8 calls, visits in branch to get amount. The list is endless. They will do anything to get a sale, promise you the world and in actual fact do nothing. Absolute joke of a branch, with a a jester level of customer service and ownership
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 3 years ago
Just felt so relaxed and was taken care of from the moment I walked through the doors, fabulous .
Peter Vardy 5 star review on 16th March 2018
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 3 years ago
Fabulous service from Scott brown & Reece Cochran
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 3 years ago
I have been a customer with Peter Vardy motherwell since I began driving.
I have mainly dealt with Stephen and Kelly over the years and they are a real asset to the company and the motherwell branch. Both have made every deal smooth and easy and I have always left with a cracking vehicle.
Thank you Kelly and Stephen
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 3 years ago
Can`t Vault Peter Vardy from start to finish, Colin the salesman treated us great, not pushing us for a sale, would recommend Peter Vardy to family and friends.
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 3 years ago
Attentive staff and very thorough
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 3 years ago
I have chosen poor as I originally did choose 'Acceptable' but the feedback then only asks what made us happy about our experience with Peter Vardy and no room for placing in any negative feedback.

Good Feedback
has been quite a quick and easy process overall. When in with our 2 year old daughter one evening we had a bit of a lengthy wait in the reception area to be seen by our salesman and Gary (who was not our salesman) provided great service by offering tea's and coffee's and grabbed a Fruitshoot for our daughter. He then came back not long after to make sure we were alright and assured us it shouldn't be much longer before we were seen. We both feel Gary has been very welcoming on each of our visits to Peter Vardy.

Negative Feedback
Myself and my partner have both felt that our salesman, Gavin Woo, has provided poor customer service on a couple of occasions throughout our experience. When we were in that evening with our daughter as mentioned above, we were in at the time agreed however we did have a lengthy wait - we understand things come up so this was alright, however when Gavin greeted us he did not take on our daughter who was there. We then went over to his desk to discuss arrangement and again, it was like she wasn't even there as he didn't even say so much as a 'hello' to her which was a bit of a shame really as this is not the service you expect as a parent.

Another example, my partner called the store to speak to Gavin this morning as we have had a payment taken from Audi for our car which we traded in Wednesday last week - we were not expecting this payment to come off and were not really in any situation to have paid that given that we just paid a larger deposit than planned for our new car. Conversation started as follows:

"Hi Gavin, it is Ally"
"How's it going?"

Both felt like this was a very rude way to greet a customer on the phone who has just bought a car from yourselves - Gavin also did not think to ask how we were finding the new car throughout the whole conversation. Again, I'm sure Gavin just had his hands tied with being busy and maybe caught him at a bad time but we would just like to say that we do love the new car and really enjoying the change - just a couple minor problems we have found such as the passenger window does not always go up when you want it to and when trying to change the media from Phone to Radio for example, it has sometimes frozen and locked itself on being connected to the phone. Trying to turn it off doesn't work either as the display stayed frozen. We did not get a chance to speak about this in the phone call unfortunately but we would like if these problems could be looked in to please.

I'd also just like to say, Gavin hasn't been horrible in any way, we just felt his customer service has been pretty average, if not, slightly poor on occasions. We get things are really busy, you have also just held your VIP event and this probably does have an effect on things however it would have just made our experience better overall had the service been consistently good throughout.

More so after reading Peter Vardy's statement "As a company that aims to provide the highest level of service, we are always looking for feedback from our valued guests." We have felt more like just another customer rather than valued guests and the highest level of service has unfortunately, in our opinions, not been delivered on this occasion by our salesman and we thought it was important that we included this in our feedback.
Posted 3 years ago
Staff were friendly and helpful, although too much time spent sitting waiting both before and after buying the car
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 3 years ago
Kevin found me the perfect car at the best price and was so helpful with all my enquires i had. I was made feel very welcomed and felt very happy when I left
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 3 years ago
The salesman that I had on the day of making my deal was brilliant and I got the car I wanted.
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 3 years ago
Gordon listened to what I wanted and gave me an excellent deal.
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 3 years ago
Was happy with service but I'm still waiting four weeks later for special cleaning pack that I was to recieved in five days later as I took the special paint on car Ive tried phoning and have sent text nothing to date of anything
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 3 years ago
Service was average. Was promised a free iPad at car purchase and now 3 months later and still not arrived. Managers seem to ignore e-mail and texts regarding this item.
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 3 years ago
Hi James, I'm sorry to hear you have not had a response to your enquiry into the free iPad offer. I have passed your details to our Sales Manager and asked him to contact you within 48 hours regarding this. Thanks, Team PV
Posted 3 years ago
the sale of the car went perfect,it was before I bought the car upset me I took my car down for it to get a check as I had a problem with it,i was told to repair it it would cost £2000,then you charged me for the pleasure £108 I honestly thought you would withdraw this on the grounds I bought a car £11700 worth I believe I am a good customer I get my car serviced by your selves mot as well,surely you understand this hope to hear from you regards William cashmore
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 3 years ago
Hi William, Our Sales Manager has tried to contact you regarding this and left voice mails. I will have him call you again to discuss. Thank you for getting in touch. TeamPV
Posted 3 years ago
Had to chase up bank payment. No one from the branch returned my calls. Never received holiday vouchers. Again had to chase up.
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 3 years ago
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