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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
When I was looking for the car I told my requirements to sales person. Main one was automatic gearbox also, I have mentioned things like automatic windows, at least basic air con and reversing parking sensor. I was told this car has it all, unfortunately there is no reversing parking sensor in my car.
Now sales person says he never said that. I guess it my word against his.
Side mirror has a black scratch on it. Sales person have mentioned that Vauxhall is proud about quality of its cars and all paint work and alloy wheel cracks are fixed if visible from mid-range distance. I have pointed this mirror thing when we I test drove and I was told it will be fixed, It wasn’t!
Also I was told every car is fully valeted however there were marks on the back seat which I have pointed out when we had a test drive. There are some sort of white marks/stains beside front windscreen on the arches and they were not there when I test drove.
Water in windscreen tank was rotten, when I was using it the smell was disgusting. It was green color! I had to flush tank several times to remove the smell! Side windows where not even cleaned after advert stickers where taken off and there are rectangular glue marks on them

One more thing which I guess there is not much we can do and about is fuel intake. Your manager said it’s a brilliant engine and very fuel efficient. He said it will do about 50+mpg. After a week of driving from Aberdeen to Westhill I’m sitting at 30mpg! I knew 50 can be dream come true but I didn’t expect itw ill be as low as 30, this is much more than my Mazda CX-5 used to take and its bigger car with bigger engine.

I have sent few emails and visit the branch and talked to one of the managers Scott Clark and there is no answer from so but they promised they will be in touch.

Really bad customer service! I think Vauxhall trade works that way: Tell the custoemr what he want's to hear, sell the car forget and pretend nothing is wrong!
Posted 3 years ago
Good Morning Maciej, Thank you for your review. I believe all is in hand now with our Vauxhall Aberdeen Management team. I'm sorry you were given reason to complaint. If you require any further assistance please don't hesitate to contact the team.
Posted 3 years ago
They ordered wrong specification of car and wont admit their fault. Wont help in sorting their mess out and now I have to go to hassle, time, effort and expense to fix their error. They have now lost a loyal customer. Shocking aftersales serviceservice.
Posted 3 years ago
I came in on the 31st May to part exchange my car, and the service was excellent, however, from the next morning I realised I had made a mistake and the car was absolutely not suited to me, I have had a recent operation on my back, and found the car very uncomfortable to drive due to the change in position to my previous car, so I called and asked for some help or advice (bearing in mind I had only had the car for about 15 hours) and was told in a very short manner that there was nothing that could be done and that was that. So I called black horse finance and the lady was very helpful, and said it should be an easy process, I just ask for a return of advance, and the car is returned to yourselves and the finance is cancelled. So I called again and was basically told this was rubbish, and again nothing could be done. I received no call to query the issue further, or any after sales contact whatsoever, and I have changed my mind after recommending Peter Vardy to numerous friends and colleagues.
(Car Store Dundee) - Posted 3 years ago
Hi Rachel, I'm sorry to hear you do not like the vehicle you have purchased. The team are working towards a resolution as quickly as possible and will be keeping in contact throughout with updates.
Posted 3 years ago
I was given the wrong car. I discovered when I received the V5 document from the DVLC. Peter Vardy then ordered me the correct car (6 week wait). They didn't contact me about configuring it to what I originally wished. Not long to wait now. Should arrive by 9th June 17.
Posted 3 years ago
I was given the wrong car. I discovered when I got the V5 in. Then you ordered the car I was after (no option about configuring the car to what I originally wished).
I am still waiting for the car to arrive. Hopefully not long estimated date 9th June
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 3 years ago
Hi Douglas, Thank you for your review. I'm sorry to hear you have experienced issues when purchasing your new vehicle. The team will be in touch to discuss further.
Posted 3 years ago
Customer service was got sale and money for car was shocking
Posted 3 years ago
Hi Diane, Sorry to hear this. If you would like to discuss with our Customer Service team please contact us at
Posted 3 years ago
I have always used PV and there is always an issue! I was told my plan had gone through and it hadn't which resulted in higher payments and a wait.
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 3 years ago
Hi Morven, I'm sorry you have experienced issues when using Peter Vardy. If you would like to discuss your issues further please contact us at and the team will be happy to help.
Posted 3 years ago
Van great, but only 4 miles of diesel in tank which i think is disgraceful after spending 17k on van. Was lucky thete wad petrol station within 4 miles. So for that a big letdown.wiĺl think twice about going back for next van.this is what sent last week and got phone call from manager next day to offer me £20 of diesel what an insult. Then one day later to add insult to injury theres an offer of £500 if you buy a new van between 28th of April 9and 3rd ofmay if i had been told of this i would have held of for the van. I will be tenewing my other van soon but can assure you it will certsinly not be from peter Vardy
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 3 years ago
It would be quicker to type up what went right! I won't be coming back next time I buy a car
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 4 years ago
Never keeping there promises and I am still trying to sort this out, no call backs when promised!!
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 4 years ago
New Viva arrived without Intellilink system,rear parking sensors and a spare wheel as paid for at time of ordering.Peter Vardy had omitted to order them.I was told that the parking sensors and spare wheel could be fitted,but the Intellilink system could not.I was keen to have a DAB radio which they said they could fit,and the difference in price would be refunded to me.Unfortunately,it transpired that the radio was an adapter kit with an aerial on the widow and managed by remote control.I eventually got my money back.It has taken 5 months to get all the component parts with the spare wheel which had just been flung into the boot.There was no jack and the emergency puncture kit had not been removed.I had to involve General Motors and the motor ombudsman before I got what I had paid for.No acknowledgement for a letter sent to Chief Executive Peter Vardy,and no apology from Peter Vardy Motherwell.The worst company I have ever dealt with.
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 4 years ago
I originally went to peter vardy as I bought my previous car from them just 18months before. I was looking for advice on trading in my car early. I stated that I would no be interested in doing so if it was going to cost me a lot of money to trade the car in early. I was assured this wouldn't be the case and that they would be able to get me a 'good deal' a week or so had passed and the deals were much more expensive than I had expected. It was at this point I was told it was because I had negative equity on my current car. If I had been told this on day one I would not have proceeded. I was shocked to be told that my car was only worth £2000 despite being sold the car just 18 months previously for £4800 and told that the car would be worth £1800 after 4 years. Either I had been massively over charged when I bought the car or I was being shafted now. I see it wrong that peter vardy was trying to profit from me twice on the same car. At this point I was emotionally invested and just wanted to get this deal sorted. I was advised that my best option would be to voluntary terminate the contract with the finance company and that they would pay the fee. I then settled on a car I liked, still more expensive than I initially hoped but I agreed nevertheless. Looking at the breakdown I'd noticed that it was me that was paying for the voluntary termination as the price had been added on. This was fine although it was dishonest that they were making out they were covering the cost. This whole ordeal took around 4 weeks to sort out and I was passed around 3 different salesmen to try and get me to buy this car. I felt like I had been totally messed about and the only reason I did not walk away from the deal was the amount of time I had spent negotiating. I raised my concerns about voluntary terminating as I didn't want to be hit with unexpected costs. I was assured that this wouldn't be the case 'we do this all the time'. Well that turned out to be a lie. I have had to have the front and back bumper sprayed (£260). I have had to pay £125 for the finance company to collect as the nearest drop off point is a 5 hour drive away. I was told by peter vardy that I couldn't collect the new car until I had handed the old car back to the finance company. I was pleased to hear this because I didn't want to be stuck with 2 cars. I was told not to worry this would be the case as it was what the finance company requested. I was shocked when I was called just 1 week after that to be told I had to collect the new car that week. I am now in a predicament as I have been stuck with 2 cars, I have been hit with a series of unexpected costs, I have been lied to, misled and I am still unsure what other costs I am meant to be paying for with Barclays. I am aware that you are not Barclays but it is not them that is the issue. I only opted for that as it is what I was advised to do and I was assured I wouldn't be charged extra for it. To top this off when I collected the car I was told I would recieve a call to see how I'm enjoying the car. I do like the car however there was no parcel shelf and the sun visor clip is broken meaning it flaps about when you're driving. I received no call, as I was determined to have these 2 minor issues resolved I emailed the salesmen to explain, this was 3 weeks ago and I still have not heard back. I am a nurse, being in a job that revolves around caring for others I am disgusted and in shock at how I was treated with a complete lack of care. I was used just to make a quick sale despite the salesmen knowing my concerns and covering things up to ensure I continue with the deal. I have had sleepless nights about this and I very much would like this taken further. Please feel free to contact me via my email or call me to discuss this further as I am sure there was other issues I have missed out. I will never return to peter vardy again and I will ensure to warn my friends and Colleagues of this unethical company
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 4 years ago
Had to report an issue with the cooling fan on the car 3 times before it was finally investigated and resolved. The engine management light came on after only driving the car once and the related issue was apparently resolved but the cooling fan problem was still in existence. The service rep refused to provide paper work detailing what work was done on the car.

I was advised that the fan coming on extra loud was probably related to the coil pack issue which was apparently sorted out. This was not the case as the fan problem was experienced again after only a minute or two of driving and was in existence before the engine management light came on anyway. When I took it back I was advised that the problem may just be due to heavy traffic in the area. I have never heard a car make this noise before and I drive in heavy traffic every day.

Eventually the fault was acknowledged after half a day spent waiting at the branch and parts had to be ordered. We were advised the next day that the car could be booked in 2-3 weeks later for a repair which is ridiculous for a newly purchased car. We had lost confidence in the car and requested that it was collected and repaired. After turning up late to collect the car this was the final straw and we returned it for a refund.

The car also was delivered to us with no boot liner/carpet which was an inconvenience. It also only had one key, which fair enough was on order, but was another inconvenience and goes against the used car promise of Peter Vardy.

The used car promise also advises that there will be no dents or scratches in the body work. We pointed out several before purchasing which all apart from one were fixed. There were still however several marks and scratches on it which we had not noticed so clearly it is up to the customer to call out every single mark on it.

If the mechanical issues had been dealt with more quickly and a better level of service had been received we would probably have kept the car and accepted the other inconveniences but overall the situation was dealt with very poorly.
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 4 years ago
The car we liked was sold to another store while we were on a test drive (Black Corsa, 8k).

A replacement was identified with less mileage but a sticker price of 8500£. We'd agreed a compromise of total of 8500 with scotch guard included. 300£ Deposit paid and balance outstanding 8250£.

In the write up, the trade in of £400 was added on top rather than being taken off our agreed £8500 total. With the deposit, it meant i paid over the sticker price (£8900). I raised this when it was identified (2/2) and I'd agree to take a call back from the store manager 5 days later on the Tuesday (7/2). I called again on the 14/2 but haven't had a call back yet.

Hadleigh was friendly, very personable and knowledgeable about the car and during the test drive.
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 4 years ago
I would NEVER buy a car from Peter Vardy aberdeen again.Theyre communication skills are terrible and we had no end of muck ups before we finally go our new car a week late.We still havent recieved our spare key either.
Posted 4 years ago
The Motherwell store service
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 4 years ago
Was sold a car I didn't want
Posted 4 years ago
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 4 years ago
I was miss sold a warranty
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 4 years ago
Hi Ewan, We have received your email of complaint today and can assure you our team are looking into your issues and will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss and resolve. Thanks, Team PV.
Posted 4 years ago
No inspection of the car offered yet I was asked to sign that I had indeed viewed it.
Nearside rear tyre is bald and incurred a puncture.
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 4 years ago
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