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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I made the mistake of taking their word on the condition of their cars and purchased a car which was transferred from one dealership to another.
I had to buy a car which stank of cigarette smoke and had numerous burns on the seats.
I am still waiting for the second key and the history report which I had to pay almost £100 for.
(Car Store Dundee) - Posted 3 years ago
Hi Wendy, I'm sorry you experienced issues with your vehicle. I believe the team at Dundee are working to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction as quickly as possible.
Posted 3 years ago
Finally got the car after a few hiccups and I'm pleased
Posted 3 years ago
Although first choice of car was 'not available' 2 days after paperwork done, second choice was hopefully a better car in spite of having 3 different types of tyres on a relatively new car. Staff at Peter Vardy were helpful, friendly and easy to speak to.
Posted 3 years ago
Salesmen friendly.
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 3 years ago
Over the 4 visits to the store, each colleague was friendly and helpful which is a great promotion of the brand and I met many whilst they tried to sort various issues. Jay, Sean and Scott in particular. However, training and competence would have made this score higher.
I will be emailing the customer service address with specific information.
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 3 years ago
cant say they made me happy - after care has been shocking as fault with car !
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 3 years ago
The salesman I dealt with was very polite and helpful his name was Chris.
(Vauxhall Dalgety Bay) - Posted 4 years ago
Happy with sales department. Only thing i was told i was getting vouchers but never got them. Wasnt to happy with the mechanics in service with the problems with my astra bad finish on my car after i got it back car gear stick cover.was off and bits hadnt been put back together
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 4 years ago
Was happy with the majority of the process. However, I did not get to view the MOT certificate for the vehicle and was told this was held online. I later found this in the user manual, had I not I would have had to purchase a new one. I really should have seen this before completing my purchase though. I am happy with my purchase even though one of the Peter Vardy number plates fell off as it was fixed on with sticky pads.
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 4 years ago
They were able to source the car I wanted.
They offered a great lease deal and gave me a reasonable price for my trade in
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 4 years ago
Gave us a deal
Posted 4 years ago
The service & efficiency on the initial appt where we're viewing cars was 10/10 but subsequent appts were different.
Posted 4 years ago
Handover of the car after a short delay was handled very well, as was my arrival at reception.
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 4 years ago
They dealt wish issues quickly and appropriately
Posted 4 years ago
Hi Louise, I'm glad to hear all issues were resolved quickly and efficiently for you. Should you require any further assistance please don't hesitate to get in touch with the team. Thanks, Team PV.
Posted 4 years ago
It was quiet okey. But staff are not good in updating the cudtomers with the outcome for the finances. They never called me back. I need to call them all the time. Which is not a good thing.
He never explain to me what else need to be paid in the packages like cleaning stuff and other insurance. So i am dissappointed.
Posted 4 years ago
Hi Anna, Our Sales Manager at Aberdeen will be in touch soon to discuss and ensure all is fully explained. I apologise for the lack of communication. Thanks for your review. Team PV
Posted 4 years ago
Got a good price from my old car
(Jaguar Aberdeen) - Posted 4 years ago
The management staff were lovely with dealing with any issues I had when dealing with the financials and as I was picking the car up on my birthday they gifted me a lovely birthday cake.
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 4 years ago
The car I eventually purchased makes me happy, but the overall experience was hard work and frustrating. Its a difficult one to really summarise here, and being honest I don't want to say anything that blames the people who dealt with me. Things just didn't 'connect', like responses to emails, calls back, no explanation about the 'Admin charge', the donation. Probably the most disappointing issue was the car that I bought was £10,990 one week (and agreed a deal to buy it), then told that it was sold - only to find one week later it was not sold and it was now £11,990! In order to be able to afford it at that price I had to organise my own finance, but feel the deal I got in the end was not as good as if I had taken the deal on offer at £10,990 (subsequently withdrawn because it was 'sold'). I kind of have a 'stitched-up' feeling. After having the car a week, and paying the full price, this week I was called saying I underpaid by £100 and have just had to go back to the garage to pay even £100 more. Now I wait for the car to go in for the timing belt to be changed (which was agreed by the sales manager), and I've just found out that the car was not serviced on the day of pick-up as I had led to believe and that it will be serviced when the timing belt is done. I have also just picked up the missing service book which was not with the car when I took it. Overall, for me the car is great but my mind is telling me I should have walked away a long time ago. Sorry, but you asked for feedback!
(Vauxhall Dalgety Bay) - Posted 4 years ago
i was very happy with everything until when i spoke to the salesman the day after i picked up my car id noticed a scratch on passenger door that was supposed to be repaired but hadnt been also i was supposed to have won a voucher for £50 groceries i had given him the letter that i had opened while waiting to see him i have not received this he was supposed to phone me 9 days ago but hasnt so not very happy
Posted 4 years ago
Hi Robert, I believe my college Megan has responded to your email today and our Sales Manager will be in touch within 48 hours to resolve your concerns. We appreciate your feedback and will resolve your outstanding concerns quickly and efficiently.
Posted 4 years ago
Rather, good
Posted 4 years ago
Hi Saxon, Thank you for your review. I appreciate you taking the time to do so. Is there anything else we can help you with, if so please let us know? Thanks, TeamPV
Posted 4 years ago
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