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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
thought I should have two years free servicing stated on web site also the four tyres had all different air pressures also had to fill up windscreen reservoir don't think vehicle was checked before handover the spec for the viva said 4 speakers there is only 2 working was told by salesman no there is only 2not happy about that otherwise vehicle is not to bad
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 4 years ago
Hi Harry, I'm sorry to hear you experienced a few issues with buying your vehicle. I will make sure your feedback is passed to the relevant managers who will be in touch soon to resolve. Thanks, TeamPV
Posted 4 years ago
Friendly staff
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 4 years ago
I can't say I am happy with the service. I was told when I bought the car that any chips etc would all be touched up prior to collection and you sell on the 114 check etc.
1. I waited over an hour after I arrived for my collection (50mins after my time slot as I was early)
2. The few marks on the car have not been done
3. I am not 100% about the checks as the coolant was low
4. Due to my purchase and collection being later in the day it was only while I was off at the weekend I noticed the rear bumper is a different shade to the rest of the car. Not sure why this is as I was assured by the sales person it had. It been in an accident etc.
5. Still waiting for the copy of the MOT
Posted 4 years ago
Sales was good, he was very helpful
Posted 4 years ago
The staff in the place are welcoming
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 4 years ago
My husband and I were first time buyers and were pleased with the car we bought from Peter Vardy in Aberdeen. The salesman was attentive and made the process of the initial purchase of the vehicle smooth.

Unfortunately, we did have some hitches with the car which were rectified but needed to do prompting and chasing up to get them done. The car was bought under the Network Q, so we were disappointed to find the front tyres were not at Peter Vardy standard and we needed to book the car in for replacements. We were promised it to be done within the hour and were left waiting 2 hours and had to keep prompting staff to find out how the job was getting on. We were unable to get a courtesy car and only are a one car family so needed the car back for other commitments.

The car also came with 1 year road assistance. When we got home we could not find any details of what it covered in the hand books that came with the car. We contacted the garage at Peter Vardy, Aberdeen, to be told to phone the number on the booklet. Which we did, only to be told by the person on the phone to call the garage. Which we did again. It took a few chase up calls and personally going in eventually a manager dealt with us and swiftly gave us the paperwork. This was frustrating and felt like a 'Jack in the Box'. Any car we have bought in the past the detailed explanation of road assistance.

The car also had a 'smoky/stale smell' to it. This was dealt with and they took the car in and gave it deep clean.

The above hitches were eventually dealt with and are enjoying driving the car but would have been completely happy if we hadn't had the above to deal with.
Posted 4 years ago
Not a great experience, no call back, car had problems
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 4 years ago
Hi Kenneth, I'm sorry to hear this. Our customer service team will be in touch soon. Thanks, TeamPV
Posted 4 years ago
They were willing to change when they realised that their pricing was high. They were also willing to make things better when things went wrong (and they did on quite a few occasions).
Posted 4 years ago
Peter vardy wasnt the experience i expected when buying a car.the sales never stuck to what they promised either which was dissapointing.i got the car i wanted in the end but overall wasnt impressed.
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 4 years ago
Good deal on pre reg car. Salesman very helpful.
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 4 years ago
Good customer service when buying the car but after sales was not the best!
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 4 years ago
Happy with Steve who went through the purchase
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 4 years ago
After sale service has been very poor, however before we bought the car it was good. It appears once the sale has been the customer isn't of any importance anymore.
Posted 4 years ago
Sorry but we weren't happy.
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 4 years ago
Got my new car
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 4 years ago
'Peter Vardy' did not make me happy. Had I been clear about the requirements for the 'infotainment' centre in the car I bought, I would either not have bought it or would have fought harder for a reduction in the monthly payments.

Although the salesperson who dealt with me did 'respond' to my requests and, on one occasion, my angry frustration because of the 'infotainment' centre, ie sourcing a 'jack to usb' lead; suggesting that I bring the car in and speak to someone in the service section, I really felt that there was a lack of appreciation of the fact that I now had a car and could not play music on it or do anything apart from listen to the radio.

I did appreciate the time the technician gave me to check things out, however, I was left with the situation that I had a car with no jack point or CD Player. Despite the 'jack to usb' lead, my perfectly good MP3 player did not play through the 'infotainment' centre; I also could not use my equally good tablet to access systems on the 'infotainment' system. I have had to buy a memory stick and am now in the process of having to transfer music from CDs to the memory stick in order to listen music. The 'jack to usb' lead which was sourced for me did not arrive for several weeks and I bought one for myself but it has not been possible to play music from my MP3 player.

I have now upgraded my phone to 'lollipop' and this has allowed me to access Android Auto. As you can understand, I am not 'happy' and had I known this, my decision about the car would have been completely different.
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 4 years ago
You didn't really. You sold me a car in which the mileage advertised was 12450 when in fact it was 13086. Which I didn't discover until I drove it away. I had to return with the car two weeks later after developing trouble with the rear brakes. The discs and pads had to be replaced as they were completely done. Not a good advert for Peter Vardy as the car is only two years old.
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 4 years ago
Customer service from Paul Stephens was excellant. Car reasonable price
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 4 years ago
Fast and efishiobt
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 4 years ago
Darren tait was very friendly and helpful, due to him dealing with another customer when i arrived to see the car, i was sold the car by young female who again was very helpful.
What i am not happy about is that within one day my cars 4x4 system failed and after coming to the dealership and being fobbed off and told to go home with nothing resolved, i returned as the problem reoccurred and luckily it was then looked at by techincal and agreed the rear differential was destroyed...
I have now been given a courtesy car which i appreciate but it was filthy. The inside of windows had clearly been wiped with a wet cloth and i had left the glass covered in dirt.
The ad for the car showed a completely different car and the description was also for the wrong car, it also said that the car being advertised had full vauxhall service history i have now noticed tha there is no service book with the car i have and feel missold as the value of the car for resale will be massively reduced due to this.
Peter Vardy 3 star review on 1st October 2016
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 4 years ago
Hi Paul, I'm sorry to hear of the issues you have experienced. I have passed your details to our Management team and asked them to contact you to resolve your outstanding concerns. Thanks, Peter Vardy
Posted 4 years ago
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