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Peter Maloney
Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
After sales service is diabolical. It's April, I've only had this car since November and another fault has developed, the second since ownership - this time a problem with the clutch. When asking Peter Vardy Motherwell to get it booked in under warranty, I was advised their service department was booked out until the end of May, and was 'advised' that I phone round local garages to get it sorted. Shouldn't that be your job Peter Vardy? Here we go again, another couple of weeks without a car and fitting the bill to try to get to my place of work somehow. This company has shown time and time again now that it is totally incompetent in providing any where near decent after sales customer service. Absolutely disgusted at how you are treated if a fault develops with one of their used vehicles. Flat out refused to try to provide a courtesy vehicle as these were "booked out 2 - 3 weeks in advance and only available to customers"!!! Clearly I'm not considered a customer any longer? Think twice before taking a risk on a used car from these jokers.
(Vauxhall Dalgety Bay) - Posted 1 year ago
Ridiculous fee for a car that has not even been fixed.
Posted 1 year ago
I was supposed to collect the vehicle on the 30th of August, I was phoned and told on the 30th of August at around 4.40pm that the vehicle wouldn't be ready for collection as they had found some problems with it. I had to chase the sales person every day for an update as I was kept in the dark about what was happening. When I finally went to collect the vehicle on the 8th of September, they had failed the QC very badly! the car had a broken wing mirror and 2 flat tyres that had been missed upon inspection! Still currently waiting for these issues to be fixed over a month of having the car! Also still waiting to be booked into Nissan to get the spare key programmed! Very disappointing.
Posted 2 years ago
It turned out on closer inspection of my final bill that I had been charged £49.99 for mats that I had neither asked for or been told about. I also had said no thank you, to the £15 child sponsor offer but had been charged for it. I was told by the store manager that because of the deal that we had struck with my trade in, they had to recoup that cash somehow !!! I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I was so angry at this point , out of principle that I settled my bill and left. It was only when the customer services manager called me to go through my purchase that everything was sorted out & I was reimbursed the £65. Thank you Claire.
Posted 2 years ago
They made you welcomed, offered tea,coffee etc, staff didn't want to go and show you around cars dispite being bit rainy - not acceptable?? The salesman was perhaps only wanting to do a deal, they brag about giving you the best deal possible so how can best deal possible is same as price on windscreen of cars !! Peter vardy should get staff to be more honest to customers otherwise they do okay.
None of the car specifications was discussed by sales person, and also nothing discussed about any service plans available from peter vardy,
After handover of car I spent few moments on forecourt checking things over and noticed that the OIL life was at 98% as should be 100% so reset it back to 100%,it dropped again very quickly to 98% and at this point I only done about 20 miles over few days since got the car - this shouldn't be doing this in such short time with it being newish car !!
Also windscreen washer bottle was very very low as it should be filled up to top ! Does anyone actually check mechanics work before releasing car to sales staff ???
Fuel level was just on 3 bars ( corsa ), did they actually put fuel in as if they put in the £20 they charge you for it then it should be 17 litres = 4.3 gallons as there is about 4.54 litres to a gallon as basd on fuel price in local area at £1.15p per litre at shell sea field, Morrison's at portobello was around £1.11p on day I collected car - so if they did put in the above amount then gauge would be sitting approximately at 5 - 6 bars ( as there is 8 bars on level and each one is approximately 5 litres each as this allows about 5 litres left in tank after the 8th one goes out on gauge, as traded in smaller version of same car I bought so know how fuel levels work, so pretty poor on this part,
Any other issues will be raised with head office in due course once I get chance to write things up, overall sales person tried his hardest to sell car but didn't discussed things about the car and service plans etc, you can't discussed things about any cars without actually going out and look at them dispite a bit rain,
Everything should be discussed by sales person on day of selling you a car and can tell you that this will be discussed again on day of handover of car so that you had some time to think stuff over before you commit to any other purchases for the car and not wait until the actual day of the car handover, Peter vardy needs to get this sorted out.
Peter vardy will probably know who this is so get things sorted out asap

Peter vardy - do you not follow up with customers complaints, sales staff can't be bothered to contact you dispite leaving messages to do so, service plan details was supposed to be sent out with 7- 10 days 21 days on since purchasing this I'm still await this information, what else can be said about peter vardy seafield Edinburgh branch apart from the friendly welcoming they fail everything else as took almost an hour to do the handover of car dispite arranging pre arranged time - not acceptable, get things sorted with stuff like this, turned down better offer from another Vauxhall dealer who actually offered a 2 years free servicing and full tank of fuel (unlike the skimpy amount peter vardy put in - remember we paying for certain amount of fuel, why can't they prove they put the £20 of fuel in with receipt as dealers have fuel cards with certain petrol stations and they put the registration number on receipt ) and yes the other dealers phone back to ask if you going ahead with deal, but like I said I turned down better offer from another Vauxhall dealer because peter vardy was in close proximity of home address - that's the only reason chosen them again as I would had went elsewhere if I knew how things would worked out with P/V and least the other Vauxhall dealer shown you round the car and discussed everything it had mmm unlike peter vardy staff , like other who do a review I agree with most of what they say about peter vardy. Come on peter vardy response to this review and leave contact details for who to discuss issues with.
I don't think they will response to this review.
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 4 years ago
After being lied to by salesman customer services got very abusive and as for you asking about our experience why bother as you aren't interested in what the customer has to say, after many phone calls. Then when approached by our solicitor you don't even reply and have had to take it further worst firm I have ever dealt with ( never again)
Posted 4 years ago
I was ripped off ! Customer after care is awful,now I'm stuck with a car I don't even like ! Will never be back to peter vardy ! Was promised half a tank of petrol when I picked the car up never got that,was told I would get £20 a month contributed to my repayments for the first year also never got that when I asked about it no one seemed to know anything about it ! Also my car broke down within the first 2 weeks of having it and when I said I wanted to hand the car back I was told I couldn't ! The company is a total joke,bunch I cowboys who rip you off !
Posted 5 years ago
where to start? car was collected with scratches and paint chips touched up with the wrong colour. the standard of valet on car was appalling. 1 day after having car the engine management light then came on, car was taken back and O2 sensor replaced, a day later the engine management light came back on again, car then had to go to Ford as peter vardy could not fix the issue, this was all 1 day before we were due to use car to travel to Manchester for our holiday. car was then left for 12 days whilst we were on holiday and issues have now been fixed. Only had car back 2 days so still unsure if engine management issue is actually fixed only time will tell. also when we arrived back Monday we called garage 4 times throughout the day to be told every time someone would call back which they didn't. customer service was appalling actually disgusting. you should collect a new car and be happy and excited well sorry but Peter vardy took all that away. our experience of collecting a new car was Anger, disappointment and failure! would never buy another car from yourselves again. happy to take paying customers money and promise everything under the sun.
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 2 years ago
Good cars, poor aftercare
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 2 years ago
During purchase negotiations on the car it was stated that the car would come with 5 day drive away insurance and would be ready to drive away after it had its MOT. I collected the car filled out the remaining paperwork and drove away thinking I was insured. It turns out that I was not insured, when I contacted the salesman he told me it was up to me to insure the car which I would have done if I knew I wasn't insured, we were never issued with any links by email or verbally or given any document to do this, and we were totally misled by the salesman to thinking we had insurance as we asked him several times about the drive away insurance to be told the car will be ready to drive away after the MOT.
We contacted the branch about the insurance only for the salesman to email a link 3 days after we had received the car, we then phoned the Aberdeen Vauxhaul branch and spoke to Ryan who said there were no managers available and would get one to call me back tonight Monday 15th after 19:00. We are still waiting for the call !!
Your promise it to be sold with 2 keys and we only have 1 so we are still waiting for that as well
There are more issues that I would like to speak to someone in management about as driving with no insurance is a criminal offence and I am not a criminal. Why was the car allowed out of the garage without insurance?
The upshot being my car was hit by a hit and run driver causing considerable damage and I wasn't insured !! Who is going to pay?
A prompt response will be appreciated
Posted 3 years ago
I originally went to peter vardy as I bought my previous car from them just 18months before. I was looking for advice on trading in my car early. I stated that I would no be interested in doing so if it was going to cost me a lot of money to trade the car in early. I was assured this wouldn't be the case and that they would be able to get me a 'good deal' a week or so had passed and the deals were much more expensive than I had expected. It was at this point I was told it was because I had negative equity on my current car. If I had been told this on day one I would not have proceeded. I was shocked to be told that my car was only worth £2000 despite being sold the car just 18 months previously for £4800 and told that the car would be worth £1800 after 4 years. Either I had been massively over charged when I bought the car or I was being shafted now. I see it wrong that peter vardy was trying to profit from me twice on the same car. At this point I was emotionally invested and just wanted to get this deal sorted. I was advised that my best option would be to voluntary terminate the contract with the finance company and that they would pay the fee. I then settled on a car I liked, still more expensive than I initially hoped but I agreed nevertheless. Looking at the breakdown I'd noticed that it was me that was paying for the voluntary termination as the price had been added on. This was fine although it was dishonest that they were making out they were covering the cost. This whole ordeal took around 4 weeks to sort out and I was passed around 3 different salesmen to try and get me to buy this car. I felt like I had been totally messed about and the only reason I did not walk away from the deal was the amount of time I had spent negotiating. I raised my concerns about voluntary terminating as I didn't want to be hit with unexpected costs. I was assured that this wouldn't be the case 'we do this all the time'. Well that turned out to be a lie. I have had to have the front and back bumper sprayed (£260). I have had to pay £125 for the finance company to collect as the nearest drop off point is a 5 hour drive away. I was told by peter vardy that I couldn't collect the new car until I had handed the old car back to the finance company. I was pleased to hear this because I didn't want to be stuck with 2 cars. I was told not to worry this would be the case as it was what the finance company requested. I was shocked when I was called just 1 week after that to be told I had to collect the new car that week. I am now in a predicament as I have been stuck with 2 cars, I have been hit with a series of unexpected costs, I have been lied to, misled and I am still unsure what other costs I am meant to be paying for with Barclays. I am aware that you are not Barclays but it is not them that is the issue. I only opted for that as it is what I was advised to do and I was assured I wouldn't be charged extra for it. To top this off when I collected the car I was told I would recieve a call to see how I'm enjoying the car. I do like the car however there was no parcel shelf and the sun visor clip is broken meaning it flaps about when you're driving. I received no call, as I was determined to have these 2 minor issues resolved I emailed the salesmen to explain, this was 3 weeks ago and I still have not heard back. I am a nurse, being in a job that revolves around caring for others I am disgusted and in shock at how I was treated with a complete lack of care. I was used just to make a quick sale despite the salesmen knowing my concerns and covering things up to ensure I continue with the deal. I have had sleepless nights about this and I very much would like this taken further. Please feel free to contact me via my email or call me to discuss this further as I am sure there was other issues I have missed out. I will never return to peter vardy again and I will ensure to warn my friends and Colleagues of this unethical company
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 4 years ago
I am an honest person so I will give an honest review. I was told by Michael Renie in sales that if I brought the Mercedes Ml for the asking price of £25000 that I would receive a three month warranty as standard. A b service by Mercedes because it is due one and that is standard if a car is due a service within three months which is situated right next door too Peter Verdys Michael's words. Plus a full tank off fuel. Well I thought sounds good so went ahead and brought the car. But unfortunately I never got any of the above and this is now five weeks after I took delivery. When they kindly delivered the car and I had signed for it the drivers door would not open so had to climb over the passenger seat. I drove it one mile to have the car washed and noticed it would not speed up. What happened to their 113 point check??Phoned sales manager and he told me to take it too Mercedes which I done. They said the turbo needs repairing and the door needs a new lock costing £1000. After a whole week without the car and the stress trying to get this resolved and numerous phone calls being ignored Peter Vardys finally paid up. Got in the car yesterday and on the screen is showing b service due. So telephoned Mercedes to ask why service is due and they told me Peter Vardys never had the service done. I have been totally misled on numerous occasions. I am booking car in too Mercedes to have it serviced at my expense. Then I will issue Peter Vardys a high court writ to recover the cost outstanding. Mercedes and ford sales team are told if they mislead a customer or lie too them they will be instantly dismissed. Well maybe Peter Vardys need to take a leaf out of their book.
(Jaguar Aberdeen) - Posted 4 years ago
Hi Dean, Thank you for your review. We would like to apologise for the issues encountered at our Jaguar dealersip. Our Management team have tried to get in touch regarding the issues you have experienced but have been unable to reach you. If you could get back to us at your earliest convenience to hopefully resolve your complaint to your satisfaction.
Posted 4 years ago
Everything. Ordered aMokka 1.6CDTi 136EcFlx5d through Motability with £749 advance payment on 9/92016.with delivery on 29/10/16 On 14/10/16 Ireceived letter from Motability, everything approved with a/v payment of £899..Visited showroom was told car had NOT been ordered would be 14/16 week to order model from factory. After discussion we were told petrol model in stock,(same spec, engine POWER and drivetrain) and could be ready on 29/10. On 29/10/16 we went to collect car. Car not ready. Told car could be ready for next day at 4.00pm. Arrived at 4.00 had to wait 20 mins for salesman. We were ushered over to his desk here he told us he had another customer waiting.Everything very rushed. Signed paperwork,salesman asked Customer Relations Manager(Claie) to take over. She apologised for all the hassle we had had and handed us over to another salesman to complete handover outside and in the darkness. Handover lasted 10 mins. My wife and I were left very frustrated and angry. We left with NO paperwork, NO INSURANCE cover no Motability pack. The following day my wife took me out in the car, it was only then that I realised that the car had a 5 speed gearbox and on checking further the engine was a 115ps and not a 136ps as we were told that it would be. We had be very badly mislead. You may say I should have checked this fact out for myself, but as my hhealth problem is my eyesight this is not an option and I relied heavily on your sales staff.
I contacted your head office in Glasgow and spoke to your Customer Services manager, she took some details and said she would speak to the Aberdeen Sales Manager to deal with it and that he would telephone me. A few days later he did phone me. After a very short discussion he advised me that I could have "Pulled out at anytime during the deal" and asked hat I expected him to do as he had already waived the advance payment and given my a full tank of fuel,
. This had been agreed if we excepted a petrol model But not before we received a 5-speed gearbox and less powerful vechicle. We also had a £200 voucher as our freid had bought a Mokka A few days before us and we had told the first salesman we dealt with who said he honour this when we collected our car. We have since be told this offer does not include Motability cars. It does not say this on the voucher.
There were many other things that went wrong but I think you will be pullig your teeth out by now as I am.
Posted 4 years ago
Hi Mr Imlach, Thank you for your review. I believe our Management team have been in touch and fully discussed the concerns above. Should you wish to discuss further please let us know at
Posted 4 years ago
The customer service was a disgrace from start to finish

An apology was made when I eventually picked up my car with a promise of a follow up phone call in a few days to make sure everything was ok. That was over 4 weeks ago and I'm still waiting for that call

I would not recommend Peter Vardy to anyone
Posted 4 years ago
I had arranged to view a certain car that was actually no longer available. I viewed a different one instead and decided to go with it. Applied for finance and the company has said that would not provide full amount so I was told that the deal will be "tweaked" but no details of changed given. Made appointment to pick up a car on Thursday at 18:00 just to find the place shut, as everybody had gone to conference in Perth. Nobody phoned to save me an hours trip. Got an apology only after I phoned. Very poor.
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 4 years ago
We have been customers for quite a few years now. This was the Daughter's turn. Such a straight forward procedure and everything explained. Here's to many more family years.
Peter Vardy 5 star review on 2nd May 2016
Posted 4 years ago
Terrible service from start to finish - as soon as they had my cash, any caring for the customer was out the window.
Problems arranging the finance paperwork, frequent calls not returned, paperwork issues when I did go in to sign, then on day of pickup further issues with paperwork resulting in 90 minute delay, brand new car had scratches on it, had to be brought back in for repair work. All the time the salesperson rather indifferent about it all. Told we would get a £50 compensation cheque for the inconvenience; that was 7 weeks ago, chased it twice but last week call not returned and email ignored. Now realised we have a problem with a rear window; genuinely dreading having to deal with Peter Vardy again. Never had such terrible service with anything in my life; that its with as expensive a purchase as a car is really poor.
Summed up by the follow-up review I was sent to complete - had 2 spelling errors in my name, and the wrong branch listed.
I will never, ever use Peter Vardy again, and our experience also reflects poorly on Vauxhall. My sister-in-law was also interested in the same car we bought; as a direct result of our experience, she bought with Evans Halshaw instead even though it was slightly more expensive.
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 5 years ago
Nothing was clearly explained over the phone when being offered a different car to which we originally went for. Ended up having to pay out more deposit than originally stated. Full specifics of the new car being offered was not explained in full detail there for I did not get what I was expecting to get.
Posted 1 year ago
As always the journey to order and receive my new car was seamless! Allan was very helpful and answered all my questions.
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 2 years ago
I had been looking for a specific spec of Honda Civic for about 8 months.
I eventually found what I was looking for in the Peter Vardy in Motherwell online.
Honda seemed to be a lot dearer, and only had what I was looking for in their other garages which was hundreds of miles away, and I would have had to travel to get it.
The person I was dealing with Chris Wainwright was really good with me, and helped me out as much as he could.
The other person Jordan I think his name was, who done all the paperwork was excellent also.
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 2 years ago
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