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Anonymous  // 01/01/2019
I was supposed to collect the vehicle on the 30th of August, I was phoned and told on the 30th of August at around 4.40pm that the vehicle wouldn't be ready for collection as they had found some problems with it. I had to chase the sales person every day for an update as I was kept in the dark about what was happening. When I finally went to collect the vehicle on the 8th of September, they had failed the QC very badly! the car had a broken wing mirror and 2 flat tyres that had been missed upon inspection! Still currently waiting for these issues to be fixed over a month of having the car! Also still waiting to be booked into Nissan to get the spare key programmed! Very disappointing.
Posted 2 years ago
The salesman wasn’t very helpful. There was few problem which ment having to return to store three time and still need to go back as there is another issue. Other salesman were more helpful.
Posted 2 years ago
Poor service car was never serviced as promised before the handover have to take it back, fault with the brakes and exhaust also screen wash filter missing and had not been replaced very dissatisfied with my purchase.
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 2 years ago
Hi Alan, I'm sorry to hear of the poor experience you have received from our Perth branch. Please contact our customer service team at Thanks, Team PV
Posted 2 years ago
The options for the finance were not explained at all. Poor service costing me extra as I was meant to collect the car at th begging of the week but they didn't even pass my details to the finance company untill the day that I was supposed to collect the car which meant everything was delayed and this also cost me £30 a day as I had to rent a car untill I could collect my car.
Posted 2 years ago
Hi Amir, Thank you for your review. I'm sorry to hear your experience did not run smooth. Please send us your details to and the team will be in contact. Thanks, Team PV
Posted 2 years ago
Poor communication, misleading pricing (stating items are “included” when they are optional extras) and received a brand new car which was damaged.
Posted 2 years ago
When viewing the car there was some things pointed out that needed seen to. I proceeded to come and collect the car last Saturday. And low and behold the issues were not rectified. The salesman took photos again and advised that some one would be in touch soon to get it booked in. Well it is nowsix days later and no one has contacted me. Also I have still not received my V5 for the said car. It does not take that long nowadays as it’s all done on computer.
Posted 2 years ago
Hi Jacqueline, Thank you for your review. I'm sorry to hear of the issues you have had. I believe our Sales Manager has been in contact now and we are working to rectify your concerns asap. Thanks, Team PV
Posted 2 years ago
poor aftersales service
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 2 years ago
I had a video of the car sent to me and based on this I went and viewed the car. I bought the car and the sales person and all other staff I dealt with were very helpful at this point. Upon buying and paying for the car the total opposite has happened. After driving the car home I noticed that the car mats which were in the vehicle were now missing (might seem to be not a big issue but they were a limited edition to match the interior). I contacted the garage and was told they would look into where they were and call me back. When they did eventually call back they explained that the mats were removed by their valeters and thrown out as they were totally unusable (I felt not their decision as they were not even Peter Vardy employees), and in my video of the car the salesperson commented on how good they were and that they matched the interior. After I contacted the salesperson I dealt with, by phone and email, I was assured that they would source another set of mats for me (not original set but a set that would fit). Eventually I felt I was being given the run-around after my emails were not being replied to, I then spoke to the used car sales manager who told me he would sort this issue and order a set of mats, three weeks later and again numerous phone calls to the garage it was obvious again that they were not even ordered. Not giving up and being told that they were on order again and due for delivery in a couple of days, I then contacted the part department myself to again discover they were not on order. The parts advisor then took up the issue with the used car sales manager and his own manager. In the end due to internal politics about ordering the mats, the parts manager took it upon himself to order them. I have now, after nearly 2 months of getting nowhere, have a new set of mats. A big thanks to both the parts advisor and his manager for resolving this issue. On the positive side the car is running fine with no issues.
Posted 2 years ago
I initially enquired about the vehicle I purchased on Thursday 19th July and received a call back within 15 minutes. Upon visiting the showroom I met with Tony who then introduced me to Reece, my sales advisor. After discussing the vehicle with Reece and arranging a test drive we talked through some finance options and shortly after agreed on a deal.

Reece advised me he was on annual leave from Saturday 21st to Monday 23rd and advised me I could pick the car up on Tuesday. He also confirmed he would phone me on Friday 20th July to confirm my finance had been agreed.

I received a call on Friday around lunch time from Reece who advised the finance had been agreed and he asked me to call my existing finance company to finalise my Voluntary Termination. I did so and called Reece back to confirm this had been done however he was unavailable and I was promised a call back.

Unfortunately no call back was received from Reece on Friday and I called the showroom again on Friday evening as I was keen to arrange collection of the vehicle. Unfortunately, Reece wasn't available and I was promised a call back the following day.

No call back was received on Saturday and despite calling again and being promised another call back from a different member of staff this was not forthcoming.

The same scenario occurred on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th July and I was surprised to have still not received a call back. I called the showroom again and was advised that Reece was still off on holiday; despite advising he would be back then and I could collect the vehicle. As I hadn't been told otherwise I had taken the off work, expecting to collect my vehicle.

Following a discussion with a member of staff named Laura, I was advised that I would be able to collect the vehicle on Thursday. Unfortunately Laura's manner came across abrupt and whilst I appreciate this wasn't her sale, she made me feel like it wasn't her problem to deal with.

Finally we were able to arrange for me to collect the vehicle on Wednesday the 25th during which I would have to go to the showroom and sign some paperwork before delivering my existing vehicle to BCA, Glasgow before returning to collect the vehicle itself. Upon arriving I dealt with Laura who despite arranging for me to collect the vehicle that day, still seemed under the impression I was doing so on Thursday 26th.

Upon collecting the vehicle I dealt with a fantastic member of staff, Jordan who made the collection process very easy. I also met with the manager who listened to my feedback and offered his apologies which, whilst appreciated unfortunately were futile.

Unfortunately I was made to feel like I wasn't as important as a customer making an enquiry once my sale had been finalised. I was keen to make arrangements to hand over my existing vehicle; which I could not do without knowing when I was collecting my new vehicle.

It is unfortunate that the above could have been solved with a simple phone call which despite 4 different calls to your showroom, was not forthcoming.

This is not how a customer should be made to feel whilst making such an important purchase and as such reflects the above rating.
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 2 years ago
Hi Claire, Thank you for your review. I'm sorry to hear of the issues you have experienced with our Vauxhall Motherwell branch. We would appreciate if you could send us your complaint with contact details and we will be back in touch to discuss further. You can send your email to Thanks, Team PV
Posted 2 years ago
The team at Peter Vardy Vauxhall Perth were sadly only interested in making the sale.

I've experienced a number of problems with them and quite frankly the service I received since putting a deposit down to secure my vehicle has been shockingly bad.

Not what you expect when spending a lot of money on a car!

I have attempted to speak to the team (both sales and service) several times about the various issues (including an operational issue with the vehicle which should have been picked up pre-collection) however no-one is interested. I've been passed from pillar to post on every phone call. No-one has apologised for the inconvenience caused or attempted to try and improve the quality of service.

Can't wait to get the major issues I have sorted, and then I won't need to deal with these people again.
(Vauxhall Perth) - Posted 2 years ago
Hi Mhairi, Thank you for your review. We would like to apologise for the lack of communication received from our Vauxhall Perth branch. Should you wish to discuss further, please don't hesitate to contact us at Thanks, Team PV
Posted 2 years ago
i bought a car on the 18 th july and it only had one key..i was told someone would contact me and bring me a new key in 3 days time.i phone up and spoke to someone they said i would be still waiting on my second key.............the car was 9.5k i expected better service than this,REG md 16 ynm i bought out of your motherwell branch.the rep guy was paul who was good up till now.Alexander r c Hunter 30.07.2018
(Vauxhall Motherwell) - Posted 2 years ago
I’ve wrote a complaint due to the service I received but it has nothing to do with the sales man Ziggy because throughout the full process he was absolutely great and any company would benefit from having him as a colleague
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 2 years ago
On collection car was to have had chips/dings fixed and pant protection this didn’t happen we have took car to get this resolved paint treatment done (given courtesy car with not a drip of fuel in) and have now been advised paint pen in post not sure that’s peter Vardys sales policy we also reported electrical fault and were waiting for a time to take it back and car developed a throttle issue so we booked it back in and reminded them about original fault dropped car off last night and phoned twice today (no return call to first call) for an update and was advised that vehicle didn’t arrive in for them to look at (due to private plate which they transferred and fitted) with response to question has a colleague attempted to contact you usually answer emails quick but not calls
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 2 years ago
There were no communication between head office and the branch so it took me almost 2 weeks to get the car. Each time i called the branch i get a completely different story.The agent was polite but I felt I was manipulated as most of the things added I didn't agree to them like the mats.
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 2 years ago
The aftercare experience was shocking. There were multiple papers that I needed to sign that I hadn’t been asked to sign so had to come in after I’d recieved my car in my own time due to someone else’s mistake.
Posted 2 years ago
Agonising sales meeting (where the salesman barely listened to our needs and made lots of assumptions) - as a result we had to endure almost three hours of info gathering with him spending most of the time in the back office discussing with the "manager". After that extremely poor communication (failure to reply to emails, failure to send docs that were promised, very last minute notification of when the car could be available (which meant last minute dashes to the bank to arrange payment), problems with the car (rear row of seats were not functioning - and woeful response from the salesman and service team)... not a great experience!!!
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 2 years ago
The car had an electric glitch the same day it was collected from the dealer. No follow up call. A spare was allegedly requested by the dealer, no further news. It seems that all efforts came to an end at the moment the car left the dealership.
Posted 2 years ago
Too late over a week to pick up my car as I had sent over my proof of address and then on the day to pick up I was asked again to send over my proof of address and I could no longer pick it up that day and had to wait a few days longer
(Vauxhall Edinburgh) - Posted 2 years ago
Overall not a happy experience and not given what I was promised in the deal. The Salesman Adam Milne was very good and nothing reflects on him.
Posted 2 years ago
The staff are fantastic and do their job very well but, to me, the focus is too much on trying to sell the "ad-ons" instead of the actual sale of the vehicle. When we collected the vehicle on 18/05/18 it was handed over as having been fully inspected and cleaned but we discovered on next entering it on 19/05/18 that 1 of the keys did not function (the 1 with the white sticker placed on it did!) and the air conditioner did not work; we then had to return to the premises and book the vehicle in to get "fixed" on 21/05/18. This has been resolved but surely these problems should have been discovered and sorted before sale?!
(Vauxhall Kirkcaldy) - Posted 2 years ago
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